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Product Design gives students the opportunity to develop their capacity to ‘design & make’ products that are innovative, meet the needs and wants of a client and to design and develop purposeful products. Pupils will develop a core understanding of the relations between design, materials, manufacture and marketing. The subject enables students to take a broad view of Design & Technology and to develop a wide range of skills, including working with others, thinking creatively, designing through CAD and making quality products.

Careers in product design include product design, automotive design, architecture, teaching, manufacturing, advertising, engineering, furniture designer, project manager.


This course allows you to specialise in ‘design and make’ activities delivered through textiles. You will learn about and apply a range of manufacturing processes, techniques and technologies appropriate to the design and make process. You will be made aware of the uses of Textiles in everyday life and be given the opportunity to create an exciting new look or enhance an old one through the skilful use of fabrics in a variety of ways. You will be given the opportunity to design and make garments and gain a knowledge of the care and use of fibres and fabrics. You will experiment with a range of techniques and fabrics, including the use of CAD/CAM and will choose to specialise in fashion when developing your major project.

Careers in fashion and textiles include fashion designer, fashion and textiles industry, retail, fashion illustration, merchandiser, fashion stylist, textile designer, fashion writer and manufacturing.


You will learn how to prepare and cook food using the correct tools and equipment. You will also be introduced to the importance of health, safety and hygiene, menu planning, communication, food experimentation and the science behind foods. You will learn a wide range of practical skills to apply to coursework tasks.

At least one hour each week will be practically based. It is important that you are organised and able to bring ingredients to all practical lessons, as this work is an integral part of the course.

Careers in Food and Nutrition include catering/restaurant manager, kitchen manager and/or supervisor, hotel manager, environmental officer, health promotion specialist, dietician, conference and banqueting manager, chef, waiting on staff, food nutrition.