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Religious Education



What is the aim of Religious Education?

  • Religious Education is everywhere
  • Religious Education broadens your mind
  • Religious Education is enjoyable
  • Religious Education prepares you for life

A fun and engaging subject will help you enormously throughout your life. Just as you are growing and developing, so is the world around you. The more informed you are about the events and people surrounding you, the greater the contribution you can make to the phenomenon that is Life.

The aim of Religious Education is to make you aware of the diverse society around you. GCSE Religious Education provides you with opportunities to look at, in more depth, Judaism and Christianity as well as explore your own responses to a whole variety of contemporary, moral and social issues.

The course at GCSE encourages you to balance religious ideas and concepts with human experience. The course content includes much scope for you to evaluate and reflect upon your own views and opinions and it aims to develop your independent thinking and listening skills in order to help your understanding and appreciation of the world around you.

For more information regarding this course, please see our KS4 information booklet here.