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GCSE Geography adopts an enquiry approach to the study of geographical information, issues and concepts. It is based on the principle that geographical education should enable learners to become critical and reflective thinkers by engaging them actively in the enquiry process. Content is organised around key questions and learners should be encouraged to pose geographical questions of their own. Fieldwork is an essential aspect of geographical education and of this qualification. It is placed at the heart of this specification and teachers should embed fieldwork within any programme of study that they create. Learners should consolidate and extend their understanding of geographical concepts learned in the classroom by engaging with enquiries conducted outside of the classroom and school grounds. Furthermore, they should be challenged to apply what they have learned through specific fieldwork in local contexts to the wider context of UK geography. By posing enquiry questions, learners develop the ability to relate these concepts to real world situations in order to make sense of wider spatial patterns. The enquiry approach taken by WJEC GCSE Geography, in both classroom and fieldwork contexts should enable learners to develop the ability to think ‘like a geographer’ if they are given opportunities to:

  • Think creatively, for example, by posing questions that relate to geographical processes and concepts that include questioning about spatial pattern and geographical change
  • Think scientifically by collecting and recording appropriate evidence from a range of sources, including fieldwork, before critically assessing the validity of this evidence and synthesising their findings to reach evidenced conclusions that relate to the initial aim of their enquiry
  • Think independently by applying geographical knowledge, understanding, skills and approaches appropriately and creatively to real world contexts. In so doing they should appreciate that geography can be ‘messy’ i.e. that real geography does not always match typical or predicted outcomes

WJEC GCSE Geography develops and extends learners' knowledge of locations, places, environments and processes, at a range of different scales.

For more information regarding this course, please see our KS4 information booklet here.