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School Uniform

To help you with the task of purchasing the correct uniform and equipment, please find below a detailed guide to what is, and what is not, expected at Ysgol Aberconwy.

Following consultation with students, parents and Governors, we're asking that you purchase specific styles and brands of trousers or skirts available from a variety of outlets at a range of prices. We hope that this will help to eradicate any confusion in the new term. We are also introducing the option of wearing the specified brand of shorts during the summer term.

A list of uniform stockists can be found at the end of this page.

As was the case last year, if you purchase a new polo shirt or sweat shirt the new school logo will be emblazoned upon it. We do not expect students with existing crested clothing to replace it unnecessarily. In other words, perfectly good clothing with the ‘old’ crest may still be worn until such time as there is a need to replace them.



  • White polo shirt bearing the school crest and a coloured collar indicating the student's house (Crafnant = green, Dulyn = yellow, Hiraethlyn = blue, Llugwy = red)
  • Navy sweatshirt bearing the school crest
  • Charcoal grey or black trousers (loose fit and full length) / grey or black skirt (knee length) *
  • Grey / white socks / stockings
  • Black shoes without any logos. Canvas shoes are not permitted. *

Please note that infringements of the uniform code that cannot be rectified immediately may result in a pupil being sent home. (* please see below links for a more detailed pictorial guide) 

School Uniform - Girls

School Uniform - Boys

School shoes


PE Kit

mandatory kit:

  • Ysgol Aberconwy PE Polo Shirt
  • Ysgol Aberconwy Shorts
  • Any trainers that are suitable for PE lessons (Note: these must be an additional pair to those worn as school shoes e.g. Black trainer worn as part of Uniform, cannot be used for PE. An alternative is required in the interest of hygiene and comfort).

Optional items of clothing:

  • We also allow both boys & girls to wear base layer leggings & long-sleeve tops under their shorts, to keep you warm when it gets cold
  • Black or navy leggings with a small logo on are permitted. We ask for you to not wear leggings with LARGE branded icons on where possible.
  • Ysgol Aberconwy Tracksuit Bottom
  • Ysgol Aberconwy logoed ¾ Zip Top/Fleece

Other items:

Teachers will give students details of which sports they are participating in, and give notice as to whether they may require safety equipment (gumshields, shinpads etc.) or specific footwear (e.g. studded boots for rugby or football on grass).



A bag (rucksacks / shoulder bags are ideal) that is big enough to fit books, PE kit and the following equipment is essential.

Every student needs basic equipment every day. They should have a pencil case containing:

  • Several pens (black or blue ink, and preferably ballpoints rather than cartridge and refillable pens as they have a tendency to leak)
  • Several pencils
  • Rubber
  • Pencil sharpener
  • 15 or 30 cm ruler (depending on the size of the pencil case)

Optional but useful items for a pencil case would include:

  • A highlighter or two
  • A few colouring pencils of various colours
  • Glue stick such as Pritt
  • Round nosed scissors


Specialist Mathematics equipment sets can be purchased from the Mathematics department in school.

Some subjects, such as Art for example, may have more specialist requirements especially for GCSE students. If this is the case the teachers will communicate that with pupils directly.


Jewellery, fashion and hair

The following is not allowed:

  • ‘Choker’ type necklaces
  • Bangles/bracelets
  • Nose studs
  • Large earrings (the only earrings allowed are single stud earrings in the ear-lobe for health and safety reasons)
  • Any other visible piercings
  • Nail varnish
  • Acrylic finger nails
  • Excessive makeup
  • Pupils are expected to wear their hair in a fashion suitable for school. Extremes of fashion, such as tram lines and other patterned shaves or brightly dyed hair are not allowed. Hair dyed in natural colours is acceptable.

Infringements of the above guidelines will result in confiscation and /or removal. Infringements that cannot be rectified immediately, or repeat infringements, may result in a pupil being sent home. Any pupil with doubts about what is and what is not permissible should discuss this with their Year Mentor before making a purchase.


Mobile phones and other technology

Pupils are allowed to have mobile phones in school, but they should never be used in lessons without the teacher's permission and should be turned off during lesson times. If parents need to contact their child(ren) during the day they should use the school number 01492 593243.

The school cannot be held responsible for damage or loss to personal items and thus would discourage pupils from bringing any other equipment (e.g. tablets, iPods) to school. Such items may be confiscated for the safety of the item and pupils would collect them back at the end of the day. Misuse of mobile phones or other devices will also result in confiscation.


Uniform stockists:

School Talk - 159 Mostyn Street, Llandudno, LL30 2PE
Boppers Ltd
 - 4-6 Ffordd Abergele, Bae Colwyn, LL29 7NN