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Pupil Support

Pupils with Additional Learning Needs

Ysgol Aberconwy has well established arrangements for identifying and providing for individual pupils’ additional learning needs. It is our policy to assess pupils’ needs as early as possible.

After careful diagnostic testing, pupils follow individually tailored programmes. Where pupils have needs which require the co-operation of outside agencies, it is the responsibility of the ALNCO to make the necessary contacts.

During all stages in the provision for a pupil’s additional learning needs, we seek to work closely with parents, and emphasise the importance of good working relationships between the school and home.

The school houses the Conwy centre for Dyslexia, ABCD. The teacher responsible for this area is Helen Samuel. Please contact the school for further information.

Please note that the school is fully accessible for pupils with disabilities.

Looked After Children

Ysgol Aberconwy supports and promotes the education of all children, including the specific needs of Looked After Children. The member of staff responsible for this area is Mrs Ann Bradshaw.

ABCD: Aberconwy Base for Children with Dyslexia

Aberconwy Base for Children with Dyslexia (ABCD), run by Conwy Local Authority, is based in Ysgol Aberconwy. The school carries full certification from CReSTeD, The Council for the Registration of Schools Teaching Dyslexic Pupils, and is inspected every three years for its dyslexia friendly practice.

ABCD pupils are allocated a place in the resource through a decision made by the Local Authority at a Moderation meeting.

All pupils Study the National Curriculum Core and foundation subjects, but pupils who are linked with ABCD may be disapplied from a subject, dependent on their individual ALN needs. This enables them to attend specialist teaching sessions in the ABCD resource, with a teacher holding qualified dyslexia teacher status.

ABCD pupils can come from anywhere in Conwy County Borough, but are full time pupils at Ysgol Aberconwy. As well as the general dyslexia- friendly provision in school, ABCD pupils have the added benefit of the support provision given by ABCD staff, who are responsible for addressing the needs of the individual ABCD pupil.

Socialisation is an important factor in a pupil’s first few weeks in school, particularly if they have come from a school not within Ysgol Aberconwy’s catchment area, and so they remain in the same tutor groups for the duration of their time in school, and are encouraged to take part in many school activities.

ABCD pupils follow the regular timetable for their year group and they will receive in-class support where it is deemed necessary. In addition to support in lessons, teachers differentiate (adapt) work, according to individual needs, enabling pupils to access the whole curriculum fully.

I.T. Provision

The following equipment/support is available to ABCD pupils as necessary:

  • Franklin Spellmasters
  • Access to PCs and printers
  • Specialist computer programmes
  • Multisensory equipment
  • In-class support from staff qualified with the British Dyslexia Association

Specialist teaching sessions in ABCD are taken by a qualified Dyslexia specialist and may either be on a one-to-one basis or within a small group situation. This allocated time will be used in multsensory teaching, following phonics programmes and similar Dyslexia-based teaching methods, overlearning of particular subjects and general support with self-organistaion.

It is expected, however, that ABCD pupils take full responsibility for their own work, effort and progress.

It is our policy at ABCD to work in close liaison with parents so as to provide the best possible support network for the individual child. Keeping in touch with parents and maintaining strong home/school links is part of Ysgol Aberconwy's strong tradition of parental involvement.

Teacher in Charge

Mrs Helen Samuel, BEd (Hons), CFPS Dyslexia