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Physical Education

At Ysgol Aberconwy, we pride ourselves on providing a vast range of opportunities for students to develop their confidence, physical and social skills through sports and exercise. During the curriculum, students receive two hours of scheduled PE lessons a week, where they will participate in two different sports/activities over the course of an eight-week learning plan.


Our aim through the curriculum is to try to develop a variety of physical fitness types, a range of skills, attributes, techniques and tactics, along with other roles involved in sports and exercise, to ensure a well-rounded person is developed. The engagement we see is hugely positive and helps ensure we have students who are motivated to want to be physically active and able.


We work closely with Actif Conwy to provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities and using the support of Actif Conwy, utilise the extremely successful Young Ambassador programme. This programme empowers student representatives for extracurricular sport in school to utilise the student voice, in the creation of the extra-curricular programme to provide extra enrichment outside of curriculum time, where there is a focus on participation and being active – based on what the students want delivered.

Through this link with Actif Conwy, in recent years we have piloted and successfully used the Dragon Challenge Physical Literacy Assessment as a tool to provide further support to those through extra-curricular intervention in their physical literacy development.

At Ysgol Aberconwy, we have been very successful for many years in maintaining and competing in many different competitions. Annually we take students/teams to compete in local and national competitions in sports such as:

· Football

· Netball

· Hockey

· Athletics

· Cross Country

· Mountain Biking

· Rock Climbing

· Gymnastics

· Badminton



GCSE Physical Education - WJEC

At KS4, alongside one hour of Core PE, there is also the opportunity for Physical Education to be studied as a GCSE.

The course will give you an excellent opportunity to study Physical Education in both a practical and theoretical setting.

This includes:

· Applied Anatomy and Physiology

· Health, Training and Wellbeing

· Sports Psychology

· Sports Biomechanics

· Socio-cultural issues in Sport

The course allows you to be assessed practically as a player/performer in three sports covering both the individual and team sporting domains.

If you enjoy participating in a range of different physical activities (including outdoor education - climbing, sailing, mountain walking, mountain biking), but you want to find out the science behind how the body works in them, then this is the course for you!

A job in the sports industry is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable occupations you can have. This course will prepare you for a career in sports media, sports marketing, coaching, fitness instruction etc. Jobs include PE Teacher, Sports Scientist, Physiotherapist, Medic, Sports Dietician, Sports Agent, Leisure Manager, Sport Psychologist, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Sports Coach and Referee, to name a few.

Learning in the Outdoors – Level 2 Extended Certificate.

The course is bespoke in its make-up for Ysgol Aberconwy students, where they will develop their understanding and skills to learn through the outdoors. For the assessment, there is a written coursework element and the written work is a compulsory part of the course. A general day learning in the outdoors will involve a classroom session every week and homework will be set and practical. For these sessions every pupil will need to arrive fully equipped and ready to work. This is not just a practical course,  however there is no written exam. 

Assessment will take place through a variety of forms, which you will undertake to develop the skills to achieve a grade for the qualification. The assessments will cover the following units:

· Personal Safety when Learning in the Outdoors

· Use a Map and Compass

· Observing Fauna and Flora

· Outdoor Practical Skills (Including Bush craft and fire-lighting)

· Camp Craft Skills

· Sustainable use of Natural Resources

· Participate in a Land-based activity.

The OAA practical activities include camping, rock climbing, gorge walking, canoeing, orienteering, problem solving, team wide games, abseiling and mountain biking amongst others. Most activities will take place away from the school site and you will be transported using the school minibus. A number of activities will require additional time outside the normal school day and will occasionally run through a weekend.

Please be aware that due to guidelines, places on this course are limited.



BTEC National in Sport (2016)

Our provision carries on to Level 3, with the BTEC National in Sport – which provides students with an in-depth look into life in the sporting world of work, whilst also developing upon knowledge learnt at GCSE to a higher level.

Over the course of the two year programme, students will be assessed through three styles of task:

1. Examination in Anatomy and Physiology of Sport

2. Internally assessed coursework for:

a. Professional Development in the Sports Industry

b. Application of Fitness Testing

3. A set task examination on Fitness, Training and Programming for Health, Fitness and Wellbeing

The course provides real world opportunities for students to develop the skills of:

· interviewing for jobs in sport sectors

· performing skills based audits and career development plans,

· programming and planning for clients based on their needs and competencies

· delivery of sessions for fitness training

· examining lifestyle factors, diet, training and the human anatomy in a depth of detail to provide judgements and justifications for lifestyle modification

The skills and knowledge that will be taught on this course are transferable, and would not just help in applying for jobs in the sports sector, or further studies in sport. They provide extensive knowledge and skills for jobs and further study in areas such as Health care (nursing, care work, dieticians and physiotherapy), Human resources, Management and Human anatomy and physiology based jobs and courses.