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Performing Arts

Do you love and enjoy music?

Do you love and enjoy singing?

Or is acting your thing?

Maybe dancing is your passion.


Maybe you don’t want to be on stage but want to work behind the scenes. In lighting, sound design, make up, costume? Maybe you would love to work in set design.

If any of the above apply to you, consider choosing Performing Arts as your option!

BTEC Performing Arts offers pupils the opportunity to explore, create and develop their performance style in a supportive and encouraging environment.  The course is centred around performing and all pupils are actively encouraged to be a part of performance regularly.  

The course has three units: responding to a stimulus; a creation and development of an original performance and finally, a performance from an established piece of theatre.  We watch live theatre regularly and we work with a vast amount of industry professionals.

Whilst the course is the perfect grounding for studying BTEC Performing Arts level 3, taking this subject can help support and prepare for a wider range of careers such as actor, director, teacher, lawyer and doctor to name a few.