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Media is all around us: TV, film, newspapers & magazines and adverts.  They have the ability to influence us and change the world around us.  By studying Media Studies, you will understand the universe around you.  You will discuss, analyse and debate.  You will make your own films, edit and reflect.    By studying a BTEC in Media, you could undertake a career as an actor, advertising media buyer, broadcast journalist, Cinematographer and a Computer games tester, to name but a few in this ever-evolving field. 


This course is sub-divided into three components:

  1. Exploring Media Products [Internally assessed]

In this component you will develop your understanding of how media products are created for specific audiences and purposes. You will study a wide-range of audio and moving image products: TV programmes, films, music videos, animations, advertisements and podcasts.


  1. Developing Digital Media Production Skills [Internally assessed]

In this component you will develop practical media production skills and techniques. You will take part in workshops and classes which will focus on the development of pre-production, production and post-production skills.


  1. Create a Media Product in Response to a Brief [Externally assessed]

In this component you will respond to a client brief and create a product. You will undertake pre-production planning to demonstrate to the client how your ideas will be implemented and create the digital media product.


This course will specifically prepare you for Level 3 BTEC Media courses and for advanced courses in Film Studies and Art.