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This course is sub-divided into three components:


  1. Exploring Media Products [Internally assessed]

In this component you will develop your understanding of how media products are created for specific audiences and purposes. You will study a wide-range of audio and moving image products: TV programmes, films, music videos, animations, advertisements and podcasts.


  1. Developing Digital Media Production Skills [Internally assessed]

In this component you will develop practical media production skills and techniques. You will take part in workshops and classes which will focus on the development of pre-production, production and post-production skills.


  1. Create a Media Product in Response to a Brief [Externally assessed]

In this component you will respond to a client brief and create a product. You will undertake pre-production planning to demonstrate to the client how your ideas will be implemented and create the digital media product.


This course will specifically prepare you for Level 3 BTEC Media courses and for advanced courses in Film Studies and Art.