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You will join other pupils to receive five hours of tuition with an experienced teacher of History and participate in various group activities.

You will use a variety of sources of information including books, DVDs, PowerPoint presentations and the Internet. You’ll learn by asking questions and making notes, mind maps and diagrams for reference when you revise. Once the course gets underway you will have one piece of work per week, usually an investigation using a variety of different sources.


Unit 1: A Study in Depth - Depression, War and Recovery 1930 -1951. 25% of qualification. 1 hour exam

Unit 2: A Study in Depth -  Germany in Transition 1919 -1939. 1 hour exam 25% of qualification. This unit is a study of the rise to power of Adolf Hitler and what it was like to live in Germany under the Nazi regime.

Unit 3: A Thematic Study - Changes in crime and punishment, 1500 to the present day This unit is a study of the events and personalities which have shaped the causes of crime, policing and the changing methods used to combat crime and the changing methods of punishment. 30% of qualification 1 hour 15 min

Unit 4: An investigation into an issue of historical debate or controversy. This will account for 20% of the final GCSE grade (coursework).


There is no specific requirement for prior learning, although many pupils will have already gained a knowledge and understanding and will have developed a range of historical skills of selected periods of history, through their study of history at Key Stage 3.