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Friday, 16 October 2020 12:47

Half term Letter

15th October 2020


Dear parent/carer,


Firstly, as we approach half term, I wanted to write to thank you for all the support you have given to your children and to the school community as a whole over the last few weeks as we have set about re-opening the school and re-engaging students in their learning.  It has been a challenging few weeks for everyone but the feedback and words of encouragement that many of you have sent in have helped us to evaluate them positively and to plan ongoing provision for the rest of the year.


It has been a pleasure to see children returning to school in a positive frame of mind.  In the main, they have been keen to settle back into our adjusted routines and have been ready to learn, and I am also heartened by the significant impact that the support we have been able to offer the small number who have found the return more challenging has had over the first half term.


As you know a number of year groups have had to spend some time at home isolating following positive cases of the Coronavirus in the community.  During this time, I have been pleased with the way in which we have been able to swiftly move learning on-line through TEAMs, and I am sure you would join me in thanking the staff for their efforts in providing a meaningful experience for your children through this medium.


Moving forward, after half term we will be:

  • Maintaining and enhancing our adjusted routines after half term, to keep the year group ‘bubbles’ in place for the foreseeable future.
  • Continuing to develop our approach to ‘blended learning’ when and if children need to spend time at home.
  • Developing the pastoral work we have been able to deliver so far this term to make sure that this is increasingly meaningful for students.
  • Adjusting the rooms students will be taught in, to make sure they can get a better experience in some practical subjects, and
  • We will let students have a new timetable before the half-term break with any room or staff changes on them.


To make these adjustments safely we will be changing the afternoon routine slightly to allow for reduced and safer movement around the building.  We will give students the precise detail of this on their return, but it means that we will be dismissing students a few minutes earlier at 3pm every day,  and that school buses will therefore return children home approximately 10 minutes earlier than usual.


Finally, can I wish you all a safe and happy break over half term.  I have been asked to remind you of the current “local lockdown” here in Conwy and the need for students to stay safe by minimising risks to themselves and their friends whilst on holiday.  Conwy have provided some FAQs on this topic here :


If your children or any other members of your household exhibit any Covid-19 symptoms, please remember to follow testing and isolation rules, and please keep us informed of such circumstances by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


As I write I am aware that the Government is considering extending half term into a ‘Circuit Break’ period and so, whilst we are looking forward to welcoming everyone back to school after half term, we will keep you informed of exactly when that will be, and how it will look, through our usual channels following further official announcements. In the meantime, please accept my thanks again for your ongoing support, and my best wishes for the holiday period.


Kind regards,


Ian Gerrard


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