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Friday, 29 January 2021 11:41

Letter to Parents

January 29th 2021


Dear Parent/Carer,


You will no doubt have heard or read announcements from the Welsh Government about the re-opening of schools during this term. Briefly, it appears that, whilst Government will continue to monitor Covid19 infection rates carefully, we will not be reopening the school to children before half term, and it seems extremely unlikely that we will be opening our doors immediately after half term either.


As you know, we are working hard to provide lessons through ‘TEAMs’ for your children, offering a blended approach of ‘live learning’, online support, independent research and guided study. We also continue to offer support onsite for some of our more vulnerable students and the children of key-workers, and we are keeping in contact with many of you, through a variety of means, to help out wherever we can. We are extremely grateful to those of you who have offered us feedback on our approach, and for the many messages of support and thanks we have received. Whilst I appreciate that the current circumstances are less than ideal, I hope that you are receiving the support that you need to help your children with their learning at this time.


You will no doubt have seen the ‘Remote Learning’ page on our website which offers some ideas on learning at home, as well as any updates to the examination situation or how to access support with devices or extended wifi access. We try to keep this up to date with any new announcements, and I would advise you to take a look from time to time as things change. (


One thing that many of you have highlighted to me, is the difficulty that some children are experiencing from spending prolonged periods at a laptop, working in front of a screen. So, in light of the fact that recent announcements suggest that we are likely to be delivering lessons in this way for some considerable time, we are going to introduce a weekly well-being session in place of a lesson, during which time we encourage everyone to switch off their screens and do something completely different instead! We will start these next week, on Thursday afternoon, and they will rotate around the week to avoid hitting the same lesson each time – we will let you know each week when this session will happen so that you can prepare accordingly. We will also be providing some suggestions for activities for your children, through the pastoral ‘TEAMs’ and hope that you will be able to spend time with them sharing these experiences with them.


I hope that this will add some variety to students’ week and be valuable to them in maintaining a healthy and balanced approach to life as well as their education at this difficult time.


If you need any further information on any of the work we are doing at the moment, or need support in any way, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. In the meantime, please look after yourselves and your families, and stay safe.


With kind regards,



Ian Gerrard


Click here to download a copy of the letter.


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