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Friday, 18 September 2020 14:49

Virtual Open Evening

Thursday, 12 March 2020 16:07

Gathering the Stories

"Everybody has a story to tell" formed the basis of the Gathering The Stories project which seeked to tell stories of Conwy and aimed to bring members of the community together. Gathering The Stories was a Ffilm Cymru-funded community film education project, run by Lal Davies and Huw Davies of Ffilmiau Cymunedol Davies who worked with a selection of our students and staff. Each participant was helped to create and develop a first-person narrative short film that was no more than 4 minutes long. The students were encouraged to talk about and share their thoughts on an object/place/person/activity that was important to them. This has resulted in a diverse range of themes and some emotional and interesting stories that we can now share with you. The films were originally taken and shown at community events but now they are available to watch online. You can enjoy them too by clicking the link below:



Friday, 28 February 2020 13:48

Our Souls Production

 Watch our award winning production of "Our Souls" 

The 2020 Iris Community, Education and Micro Short Award winning film “Our Souls” is now available for you to view online! Watch our students and staff perform the award winning script, in the style of a fly on the wall documentary, by clicking here. As a result of coming first in the Iris prize script writing competition the play was professionally filmed and students were given the opportunity to work alongside industry professionals. Here's what the critics said about the play... “Our Souls was engaging, convincing and sophisticated film making. Schools are still a place where LGBT+ kids can suffer, and this clearly shows the positive impact talking about it can have. A moving, important film.” We hope that you enjoy this production too. 

Wednesday, 05 February 2020 11:57

Wind Rush Generation(s) Student Performance

Aberconwy Events invites you to come and watch our latest student performance – Wind Rush Generations(s).

Wind Rush Generations(s) is a poetic exploration of momentous events that take place on the land and shores of the British Isles. Some of these are historic, others are current and they are all are marked by trauma and injustice. It looks at the power and greed of Empire and the resilience and brilliance of pioneers - both noted and unsung. The story unfolds from the perspective of a group of quirky history students in their fresher week. It is punctuated with humour and underscored with hope.

There are three ticketed performances, all in our drama studio:

Wednesday 4th March from 12.20 - 13.10

Wednesday 4th March from 15.30 - 16.30

Thursday 5th March from 18.00 - 19.00

Click here to purchase tickets. Adults £5.00. Students and concessions £3.00.

Thursday, 19 December 2019 12:00

Gathering The Stories at Clwb Yr Efail

Our Gathering the Stories journey continues...The short film which students have produced alongside Davies Community Films was premiered at Clwb Yr Efail in Conwy. Students also showcased some of their own film work.

A lovely afternoon for everyone involved.

Wednesday, 18 December 2019 17:25

Seven New Millionaire Readers

Seven students from Year 7 have already become Millionaire Readers, each having read over 1,000,000 words this term!

They join Iori Yates and Taban French from year 8 who have also become Millionaire Readers once again.

Fantastic reading everyone – well done!.

Wednesday, 18 December 2019 16:55

We wish you a Happy Christmas

We wish everyone a very happy and peaceful Christmas and a well-deserved rest!

We're looking forward to welcoming students back to school for the start of the Spring Term on Tuesday 7th January.

Wednesday, 18 December 2019 16:51

Interviewing Bryn Williams at Porth Eirias

Connor Parry, a student in year 11, met up with chef Bryn Williams last week at his restaurant in Porth Eirias in Colwyn Bay. 

He contacted Bryn to ask if he would be willing to be interviewed by him, which Bryn was happy to do. Connor has chosen to speak about Bryn’s life and career – he grew up in North Wales - as a part of his Individual Presentation controlled assessment for his GCSE Welsh first language. Well done Connor and thank you to Bryn! 

Wednesday, 18 December 2019 16:27

Christmas Jumpers

Thank you to all our students and parents for their support for our Christmas jumper day.
We are proud to announce that we raised £150 for Save The Children and collected over 30 bags of donations to Conwy Food Bank.

Tuesday, 17 December 2019 09:00

Our Carol Service in St Mary's Church Conwy

We all thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas carol concert last night in St Mary’s Church, Conwy.

The music and singing were wonderful. Thank you to everyone who took part.

Monday, 16 December 2019 16:09

Plant A Tree Day

As part of 'Plant A Tree Day', we have been planting trees donated by the Woodland Trust on school grounds.

Students from Y Ganolfan Inclusion Centre & from Gardening Club have planted hazel trees that will give us hazelnuts & wood poles. We then had a campfire to celebrate!

Sixth Form students from Ysgol Aberconwy have had the opportunity to direct and star in their own professionally filmed LGBTQ+ film. A group of 15 students spent two days working with a professional film crew, as a result of coming first in the Iris prize script writing competition selected from schools across Wales. The short film will premiere in January 2020 at Cineworld, Llandudno Junction.

The students, who are all studying media and film related courses, attended an Education Day in January 2019 where they learned about the Iris Prize script writing competition. Working in collaboration over a number of months, they came up with a script called ‘Our Souls’. It is an ‘Educating Essex’ style documentary/drama centring around one of the students in the group and the shocking ways in which homophobia has affected him. 

Student Freddie Triggs who plays the central character said, “I decided to audition for Ryan as I thought the role would be quite challenging and it’s different to anything I’ve ever done before. Playing the role was fun but more importantly it gave me an understanding of the difficulties and also the hostility that the LBGTQ+ community may face and how it feels to be on the receiving end of bullying.”

Student Joshua Baxter said, “I play the film’s antagonist, who is initially homophobic and derogatory towards Ryan, but then becomes more aware and accepting of people’s sexual orientation. I hope that when people see the film they understand the message and realise that being prejudiced and bullying people is not OK and learn, like Ben, to become more accepting and tolerant of others.”

 Iris Education/Outreach is a project funded by Ffilm Cymru Wales which allows the Iris team to work with students from schools across Wales to tackle homophobic bullying and other LGBTQ+ issues.

Teachers Mrs Jenny Ohlsson and Miss Amy Grimward said, “We’re so proud to have such talented students to work with. It's been such a fun experience and we feel lucky to be a part of it. We’re really excited about the premiere, albeit a little nervous about seeing ourselves projected on a massive cinema screen! Keira Knightly – watch out!”

We are proud to announce that four of the original 10 script writers, Ryan Mackale, Anna-Lyssa Roberts, Faye Thomas and Caitlin Hughes, have successfully gone on to university studying media, film and fashion related degrees. The remaining students originally involved in the project, continued on with the monumental task of planning, casting, directing, staging, rehearsing and then producing the film itself.

Student Kieran Roberts, who plays his namesake in the film, said, “It’s opened many doors to me in the future, by doing this I’ve met great people and it has been a real opportunity. I feel like this could be the start of something great.” 

Hollie Owen agreed saying, “I have been involved with ‘Our Souls’ from the beginning. It’s been a great opportunity for us, as a whole group, and has allowed us to get an insight to the hard work needed to create a film. I'm very grateful for the whole experience.”

'Our Souls’ will premier in January at Cineworld, Llandudno Junction and will be entered into another Iris Prize competition that could see them win a £250 prize to make further films. In addition to this, Ysgol Aberconwy will welcome the Iris Outreach film crew back to the school in January as we host the Iris Outreach Education Day 2020, welcoming students from other schools to join us in workshops and to network with industry professionals.  Mark Williams, Iris Outreach and Education Manager said, “We’ve had an amazing couple of days filming.  We are very impressed with the pupils, their patience and how hard they have worked. I can’t wait to see the finished film in January.”

Ysgol Aberconwy proudly invites you to come and see the film and show your support for the LGBTQ+ community and our fantastic students, past and present. It will premiere on the 22nd January 2020 at Cineworld, Llandudno Junction, alongside other competition entries. Free entry for friends and family of Ysgol Aberconwy students.


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