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Collecting attendance and personal characteristics data from schools from September 2020

We collect a wide range of data about you on an annual basis, and this is explained in more detail in this privacy notice.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and schools having to adapt to new ways of working, we need to be able to collect attendance data more frequently than once a year. Collecting up to date information will support us and provide the evidence we need to understand the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on attendance and how we can support schools.


How frequently are we collecting this data?

We will keep the frequency of collection under regular review. Initially the data will be collected every week but we may need to collect the data more regularly.


For which pupils are we collecting data?

We are collecting data for every pupil in a maintained school as at September 2020.


What information are we collecting?

We are collecting the following information about you every week:


· Forename

· Middle name(s)

· Surname

· Gender


· Home postcode

· Ethnic background

· Eligibility for free school meals

· Additional learning needs

· English as an additional language

· Attendance code for each half day session in that week


Why are we collecting this information?

This information is needed as a key part of our response and planning during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The data will be collected every week to ensure that the latest data is available to inform our response. The data will be used for statistical and research purposes only and no decisions will be made about you using this data.


How will we use this information?

We will use the data in the same ways that we have listed in our main privacy notice


Will we be sharing the data?

We may share this information with those organisations listed in the main privacy notice 


How long will we keep the information about you?

We will keep the data that identifies you until you are 25 years old.


What is the legal basis for collecting this data?

Section 538 of the Education Act 1996 provides the legal basis for collecting this data. This requires schools to make such reports and returns, and give such information, to Welsh Ministers as they may require for their functions in relation to education.


Your rights under the GDPR

Your rights are explained in full in the main privacy notice.

All students in Year 7 study Project Based Learning. In these nine lessons we combine the skills and some of the content of the traditional subjects of History, Geography, RE, Performing Arts, Art, Design & Technology and ICT. The approach allows us to establish good working practices and to bridge the gap from primary to secondary. Our expert team focus on developing the key skills of Literacy, Numeracy and Digital as well as creativity and collaboration. Students learning actively; the Projects are var-ied and include ‘The Environment’, ‘Forests’ [delivered by our Forest school team], ‘Robots’ and ‘Cultures’.


As a school, we take the health and the well-being of all our staff, students and families very seriously.  We are committed to providing experiences for all stakeholders which improve their understanding and heir ability to develop and improve their own wellbeing.

On this page you will find a variety of resources that you might find helpful - we will add to these as we respond to particular circumstances and situations, so please check back for updates.


 Click on each link to access resources, or use the QR codes on your phone!

Cosmic Kids Yoga


Go Noodle


Jump start Jonny


Joe Wicks


New Horizon




Food a fact of life


Top Marks




School Beat


Action for Happiness


Change for Life


Veg Power

Cooking together Wales

Beach Academy

State of Mind

Red Cross

Calendar of Kindness Activities




 Click on each link to access resources, or use the QR codes on your phone!

Cosmic Kids Yoga


Go Noodle


Jump start Jonny


Joe Wicks


New Horizon




Food a fact of life


Top Marks




School Beat


Action for Happiness


Change for Life


Veg Power

Cooking together Wales


Advice and support on how to work from home successfully.

 You might also find similar resources in the staff section useful.





 Click on each link to access resources - provided in light of the current Covid-19 situation

Covid19 : Wellbeing tips for schools


Download this useful document with useful tips for working with children at this time

NHS Guidance: Mental well-being while staying at home

Mental Health Foundation 

How to Stay Positive 10 tips to help your wellbeing in Lockdown 

Nourish Community

The Online Community for ethical women in education

GTC (Scotland)

 Useful advice on dealing with the current situation

Resources to use yourself or with your family

Free to download from TES



A selection of podcasts to assist your wellbeing at this time


Free for teachers – this app teaches mindfulness meditation principles to improve wellbeing.

Mental Health Stress Container Exercise

Identify causes of stress and personal helpful coping strategies

The Mental Health Foundation 


Advise from Mind with coping with stress and anxiety including a wellbeing checklist to follow and what you can do at home to help


Direct advise from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention advise on managing stress and anxiety linked to the Corvid-19 situation 

5 Ways to Work Well From Home

With many people making the sudden transition of working from home, this article provides 5 considerations to make the change as smooth as possible 

Care First


Red Cross

Calendar of Kindness Activities




3 resources with Advice on how to 'Work from Home' successfully






 Click on each link to access resources - provided in light of the current Covid-19 situation

The Education Support Partnership.

Headteacher Blog (Darren Morgan) on coping with the coronavirus pandemic.

Excellent blog by Emma Turner  (@Emma_Turner75) about

Lightening the responsibilities of Leaders

World Mental Health Day:

we reduced sick days and staff turnover through action on teacher wellbeing

DFE Teaching Blog


A selection of podcasts to assist your wellbeing at this time

National Academy

A series of blogs and other information written by Educational Leaders for Educational Leaders

Coaching and


Advice for Teachers and Leaders 






 Click on each link to access information about support services you may need





The Mix


Mind Hub


Y Bont :

Seasons for Growth

A directory of useful phone numbers and contacts

Conwy Educational Psychology Service Advice line










Are you interested in joining us here at Ysgol Aberconwy?

If you would like to find out more about what we can offer you or your child here at Ysgol Aberconwy, why not get in touch with us to arrange a visit.  We are rightly proud of the individual attention we are able give to our students in the environment of a smaller school and we would be happy to demonstrate this by arranging a tour for you, and giving you a chance to discuss an application with one of our mentors or the headteacher.

To start the process why not look at our prospectus, which you can find here.  If you are ready to make an application, you can download an application form here, or call us to request a paper copy.

As a maintained school, the school admits students in the accordance with Conwy County Borough Council's policy that can be found here.


Content to come.

National Reading and Numeracy Test Information

The tests are taken by all Year 7, 8 and 9 students. Their purpose is to provide us with information on the reading and numeracy skills of learners and to provide understanding of areas of strength and areas for improvement in these skills. You will receive a report on the tests before the end of term.

Additional information can be found in the Welsh Assembly Government document Reading and numeracy tests in Wales – 2018.

Richard Burrows

Assistant Headteacher


National Test Timetable 2018


Monday 30 April

9.05 – 9.45 Year 9 Numeracy (Procedural)


Tuesday 1 April

9.05 – 10.25 Year 9 Reading


Wednesday 2 May

9.05 – 10.25 Year 7 Reading

10.05 – 10.50 Year 9 Numeracy [Reasoning]

11.20 – 12.05 Year 8 Numeracy [Reasoning]

2.10 – 2.50 Year 7 Numeracy (Reasoning)


Thursday 3 May

9.05 – 9.45 Year 7 Numeracy (Procedural)


Friday 4 May

9.05 - 10.25 Year 8 Reading


Tuesday 8 May 1

11.20 – 12.00 Year 8 Numeracy (Procedural)


Wednesday 9 May

9.05 – 10.25 Year 7-9 Welsh


The Welsh Government have produced a short animated guide to talk you through the National Reading and Numeracy Test reports. Please click the link below

National Reading and Numeracy Tests 2018




Here are some links to some of the sites we use to promote Literacy & Numeracy at Ysgol Aberconwy.

At Ysgol Aberconwy, we pride ourselves on providing a vast range of opportunities for students to develop their confidence, physical and social skills through sports and exercise. During the curriculum, students receive two hours of scheduled PE lessons a week, where they will participate in two different sports/activities over the course of an eight-week learning plan.


Our aim through the curriculum is to try to develop a variety of physical fitness types, a range of skills, attributes, techniques and tactics, along with other roles involved in sports and exercise, to ensure a well-rounded person is developed. The engagement we see is hugely positive and helps ensure we have students who are motivated to want to be physically active and able.


We work closely with Actif Conwy to provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities and using the support of Actif Conwy, utilise the extremely successful Young Ambassador programme. This programme empowers student representatives for extracurricular sport in school to utilise the student voice, in the creation of the extra-curricular programme to provide extra enrichment outside of curriculum time, where there is a focus on participation and being active – based on what the students want delivered.

Through this link with Actif Conwy, in recent years we have piloted and successfully used the Dragon Challenge Physical Literacy Assessment as a tool to provide further support to those through extra-curricular intervention in their physical literacy development.

At Ysgol Aberconwy, we have been very successful for many years in maintaining and competing in many different competitions. Annually we take students/teams to compete in local and national competitions in sports such as:

· Football

· Netball

· Hockey

· Athletics

· Cross Country

· Mountain Biking

· Rock Climbing

· Gymnastics

· Badminton



GCSE Physical Education - WJEC

At KS4, alongside one hour of Core PE, there is also the opportunity for Physical Education to be studied as a GCSE.

The course will give you an excellent opportunity to study Physical Education in both a practical and theoretical setting.

This includes:

· Applied Anatomy and Physiology

· Health, Training and Wellbeing

· Sports Psychology

· Sports Biomechanics

· Socio-cultural issues in Sport

The course allows you to be assessed practically as a player/performer in three sports covering both the individual and team sporting domains.

If you enjoy participating in a range of different physical activities (including outdoor education - climbing, sailing, mountain walking, mountain biking), but you want to find out the science behind how the body works in them, then this is the course for you!

A job in the sports industry is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable occupations you can have. This course will prepare you for a career in sports media, sports marketing, coaching, fitness instruction etc. Jobs include PE Teacher, Sports Scientist, Physiotherapist, Medic, Sports Dietician, Sports Agent, Leisure Manager, Sport Psychologist, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Sports Coach and Referee, to name a few.

Learning in the Outdoors – Level 2 Extended Certificate.

The course is bespoke in its make-up for Ysgol Aberconwy students, where they will develop their understanding and skills to learn through the outdoors. For the assessment, there is a written coursework element and the written work is a compulsory part of the course. A general day learning in the outdoors will involve a classroom session every week and homework will be set and practical. For these sessions every pupil will need to arrive fully equipped and ready to work. This is not just a practical course,  however there is no written exam. 

Assessment will take place through a variety of forms, which you will undertake to develop the skills to achieve a grade for the qualification. The assessments will cover the following units:

· Personal Safety when Learning in the Outdoors

· Use a Map and Compass

· Observing Fauna and Flora

· Outdoor Practical Skills (Including Bush craft and fire-lighting)

· Camp Craft Skills

· Sustainable use of Natural Resources

· Participate in a Land-based activity.

The OAA practical activities include camping, rock climbing, gorge walking, canoeing, orienteering, problem solving, team wide games, abseiling and mountain biking amongst others. Most activities will take place away from the school site and you will be transported using the school minibus. A number of activities will require additional time outside the normal school day and will occasionally run through a weekend.

Please be aware that due to guidelines, places on this course are limited.



BTEC National in Sport (2016)

Our provision carries on to Level 3, with the BTEC National in Sport – which provides students with an in-depth look into life in the sporting world of work, whilst also developing upon knowledge learnt at GCSE to a higher level.

Over the course of the two year programme, students will be assessed through three styles of task:

1. Examination in Anatomy and Physiology of Sport

2. Internally assessed coursework for:

a. Professional Development in the Sports Industry

b. Application of Fitness Testing

3. A set task examination on Fitness, Training and Programming for Health, Fitness and Wellbeing

The course provides real world opportunities for students to develop the skills of:

· interviewing for jobs in sport sectors

· performing skills based audits and career development plans,

· programming and planning for clients based on their needs and competencies

· delivery of sessions for fitness training

· examining lifestyle factors, diet, training and the human anatomy in a depth of detail to provide judgements and justifications for lifestyle modification

The skills and knowledge that will be taught on this course are transferable, and would not just help in applying for jobs in the sports sector, or further studies in sport. They provide extensive knowledge and skills for jobs and further study in areas such as Health care (nursing, care work, dieticians and physiotherapy), Human resources, Management and Human anatomy and physiology based jobs and courses.



Key Stage 3

In year 7 you will learn either German or French, and which language you do will depend on which tutor group you are in. You will remain with the same language until the end of year 9 when you can choose to continue or end your foreign language-learning journey. However, in year 8, you will do a world languages unit in which you will get a taster of three other languages including French or German, Spanish and Mandarin.

We are also only one of nineteen schools in Wales to have Confucius Classroom status. We offer Mandarin as an extra-curricular subject from beginner’s level upwards. These lessons are delivered by an expert Chinese teacher who is sent to us from the Confucius Institute.


Key stage 4

We offer the choice of three languages at GCSE. The GCSE French and German courses build on what you learn at Key Stage 3 through topics such as youth culture, lifestyle, customs & traditions, home & locality, global sustainability, the wider world and education/future employment. You are advised to continue with the language you have studied previously. Spanish, however, is a two-year course taught from scratch therefore no prior learning is required. You may choose to study more than one language. Assessment is 100% exam and covers all four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.


Key stage 5

We offer AS and A levels in both French and in German. You must have at least a GCSE grade B in the language you wish to continue studying as the courses build on what you learn at Key Stage 4. There are two ‘areas of interest’ around which both AS and A level are structured. These are social issues and trends and political, intellectual and artistic culture. In addition to studying the topics which come under these two umbrellas, we study a film, read a novel, look at the history of the country where the language is spoken and complete an independent research project whilst developing speaking, listening, reading, critical and analytical writing. Assessment is 100% exam.



Pupils will be given the opportunity to experience a range of subjects in Design and Technology at Ysgol Aberconwy. The department is well resourced with two laser cutters and three 3D printers as well as a full suite of traditional machinery and equipment.

Within resistant materials, pupils will design and manufacture a range of products using a range of tools, equipment, machinery and materials. They will learn about the characteristics and working properties of wood, metal and plastics.

In food technology pupils will have the opportunity to cook a range of dishes whilst at the same time developing their organisation and team working skills and learning about safe and hygienic working practices.

In textiles, pupils will learn a range of techniques and develop new practical skills including the use of the sewing machines to make a range of creative products including bags and cushions.

Pupils will use a range of sophisticated equipment and software across the key stage to develop products using CAD/CAM across all the subject areas.



Design & Technology Product Design gives pupils the opportunity to develop their capacity to ‘Design & Make’ products that are innovative, meet the needs and wants of a client and to design and develop purposeful products. Pupils will develop a core understanding of the relations between design, materials, manufacturing and marketing. The subject enables pupils to take a broad view of Design & Technology and to develop a wide range of skills, including working with others, thinking creatively, designing through CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and making quality products.

Careers in product design include product design, automotive design, animation, architecture, teaching, manufacturing, advertising, engineering, furniture design and project management.



You will learn how to prepare and cook food using the correct tools and equipment. You will also be introduced to the importance of health, safety and hygiene, menu planning, communication, food experimentation and the science behind foods. You will learn a wide range of practical skills to apply to coursework tasks.

At least one hour each week will be practically based. It is important that you are organised and able to bring ingredients to all practical lessons, as this work is an integral part of the course.

The lessons are usually fast and active but rewarding, in that you have achieved a good quality product at the end.

Careers in food and nutrition include: Catering/Restaurant Manager, Kitchen Manager and/or Supervisor, Hotel Manager, Environmental Health Officer, Health Promotion Specialist, Dietician, Conference and Banqueting Manager, Chef, Waiting On, Food Nutritionist.



An A level in Product Design gives you the opportunity to continue to develop your capabilities in designing and making products and to appreciate the complex relations between design, materials, manufacturing and marketing. This course enables you to take a broad view of design and technology and to develop a wide range of skills, including working with others, thinking creatively and making quality products.

It requires you to identify a market need or opportunity for a new product, develop, make and test prototypes and evaluate the process.

It is an exciting and engaging course that will suit students who have an interest in how products and applications are designed and made in industry and commercial practices, including the wider issues affecting design decisions.

This could be your first step towards a highly satisfying and successful career in design, engineering, manufacturing or the creative industries, which are all predicted to grow strongly. Many pupils studying Product Design at Aberconwy successfully go on to apprenticeships and degree courses in Product Design, Architecture and Engineering.





You will learn to draw, paint and print, working analytically from observation, memory and imagination making works in pen, paint, mixed and multimedia and print.

You will also have the opportunity to work in Photography, 3D and Sculpture.

You will see how other artists, craftspeople and designers have used their skills, to design and make our world a better place and how the work you do at GCSE, will give you the chance to become a part of a worldwide group of creative and skilled people.

You could develop your GCSE with a Graphic Communication bias in which case your course could include a range of skills and knowledge including illustration, animation, creating story boards, advertising, CD covers, posters and typography.

You will develop design skills to produce final solutions to a brief. A typical brief might be to design a screen saver for a monitor inspired by skateboarding or graffiti. All pupils will explore the design process using a wide variety of media and techniques used by designers the world over.

Successfully completing a GCSE could lead you on the way to entering a vast number of careers, including Architecture, Theatre Design, Costume Design, Interactive Media, Printmaking, Sculpture, Site Specific Sculpture, Photography, Visual Communication, Advertising, Animation, Film Studies, Art Therapy, Community Arts, Gallery Curator, to name just a few. In fact, Art & Design GCSE is useful for any career where an artistic and creative input is required.



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