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Sunday, 12 July 2020 18:41

Finn S

My name is Finn, I was born in London then a year ago my family and I moved to Conwy. We moved here just after my tenth birthday. I am still ten and I am probably one of the youngest in my school year.

My old school was in London and I spent seven years of my life there. More recently I was at Ysgol Deganwy for year 6 but I only spent half of the year there because of lockdown. Luckily I made friends quickly and some of them are coming to Ysgol Aberconwy in September.

I like sports and gaming, my favourite sport is squash and my favourite games are The Crew 2 and Battle for Neighbourville. I also like reading, the books I like best are the Murder Most Unladylike series. I also go outdoors a lot to do things like biking, walking and camping. We have a van with a tent box – Which is like a pop up tent – on the roof and kitchen units in the back.

I have a sister called Nell who is twelve years old (and will be in year eight when I am in year seven). I have two cousins in England and nine in New Zealand which is where my dad comes from.

When we were living in London my mum and dad took me and my sister out of school for a year and we travelled around the world. We went to lots of places like Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Peru and Bolivia. A bit of the trip that I was really happy with was when we went to Disneyland for my birthday because I had turned seven. I also really enjoyed staying on a floating read island in the middle of Lake Titicaca.

I am a bit nervous about starting at Ysgol Aberconwy but I was the same at Ysgol Deganwy so I am sure it will be fine.

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