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Year 11

The transition from GCSE to A Level study is a challenging one, and Ysgol Aberconwy want to provide our students with as much support as we can. The study skills required of a successful Sixth Form student are varied, and involve taking an active role in their own personal progression and development.


With the early school closure due to Covid-19 and the subsequent disruption to the education of year 11 students’ we have developed ‘bridging units’ in all option subjects, excluding those taught by external providers.


We firmly believe that getting off to a good start will aid students on their journey to success when they enter year 12 in September. The purpose of this bridging work is to help bridge the gap between GCSE and joining our sixth form. Completion of the work will not only fill this knowledge gap but will demonstrate a students’ commitment to joining the sixth form so we would expect that all the tasks have been attempted in the subjects which students have provisionally chosen to study in September.


All year 11 students have been joined to a Microsoft team for the subjects in which they have expressed an interest and the work has been set as an assignment with which students will be familiar. A summary of the tasks is included below and if you have any questions regarding this work please email the head of the subject direct or telephone the school. Any broader questions regarding these units or our sixth form provision can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Development of art skills through the production of sketches and designs


Development tasks improving both knowledge and skills in Biology


Developing your skills in Business ready for year 12 challenges


Head start into chemistry skills activities which develop knowledge


Making the leap activities and all set as one large task


Vocabulary development, including listening tasks

Film Studies

Creation of a film diary through watching and analysing a range of film media


Skills development activities including tectonics and seneca


Vocabulary development, including listening tasks

Govt and Pol

Following politics and the creation of a political diary


Research and tasks relating to the history of Europe 1890-1914


Looking at the role of Social media ICT in Business


Transition work from GCSE to AS level – skills based


Introduction to Media and photo missions

Perf Arts

Development of skills based on an arts practitioner


Skills development activities building subject knowledge

Product Design

Design and creation of a new product to a brief


Wider reading and introduction to Buddhism


Developing Sports Skills unit


Vocabulary development, including listening tasks