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Year 10

Here you will find some information on how to help students with their learning in Year 10. 

At the moment, this page is dedicated to keeping you up to date with information and resources that can be used at home during the current closure period.

Click on the tabs below for information about what we are asking students in year 10 do in the next six weeks (the second half of the summer term).  We will update this information during the summer term as the national picture develops.

Other information about the school closure during the Coronaviruis Pandemic can be found HERE and a letter from the Headteacher regarding school work in the summer term can be found HERE.



This page has now been updated for learning during the second half of summer term which starts on June 1st.

You can download the information on this page as a booklet HERE.

In the next four weeks of school closure, we are asking students to stay engaged in their learning by :

  • completing some well-being challenges,
  • taking some daily exercise and 
  • completing some specific subject tasks.

We suggest that you set aside about three hours every day to do these tasks, and, as a parent, assist and support as much as you can.

All students in year 10 are members of individual subject TEAMs (for which they will need to log in to Office 365) where they can find these tasks, share ideas and keep in touch with each other and some teaching staff if they need help.

When they have finished their work, there are some instructions on what to submit, in TEAMS, so that we can look at what they've done.

We hope find this useful, productive and hopefully even fun!  Please click on the other tabs to see the details of each task.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, Head of Year 10 or Mrs B Young, Year 10 Mentor.

Miss M Gill-Taylor      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.            

Mrs B Young             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To the Student

  • You will find a week's suggested plan on this page, just do your best to work through it.
  • All the resources and instructions can all be found on your subject TEAMs.
    • ‘Assignments’ will be set in the same way that your homework has been set during this term.
    • Check the ‘files’ section on each TEAM for the resources you need.
    • Check the ‘Posts’ for any messages and if you need help .
  • Remember to follow a daily plan for your wellbeing, physical and social activities. Personal time to relax is important.
  • There is a suggested timetable if you would like a routine. Complete the activities at a time that suits you and your family.
  • Enjoy the activities and have fun!

To the parent

  • Support and reassure your child. We do not expect you to be teachers!
  • As always, please encourage your child to follow a daily plan for wellbeing, physical and social activities and helping you around the house!
  • This weekly plan suggests three sessions of work per day – all the work they need is available on TEAMs.
  • Not every subject is covered every day. You and your child can use one of the suggested timetables if a routine helps.
  • The activities can be completed at a time that suits you and your family.
  • Sessions of work can be broken up any way you want.
  • Everything your child needs in terms of guidance should be on the PPT, worksheets, on teams etc, but teachers can also be contacted for additional guidance through TEAMs.
  • If you do not have access to the internet, please let us know so we can provide resources for your child.
  • If you as a parent need support or have any questions, you should contact the school.
  • Enjoy supporting your child and have fun!

The teacher’s role

  • The instructions given for each task should allow you access to the work and should be clear.
  • However, we all know that sometimes the need will arise where you will need to clarify details of the task with your teacher. If this is the case, you can contact your teacher through teams in the ‘post’ section of a particular TEAM. Use the @ symbol followed by the teacher’s name, they will endeavour to contact you as soon as they possibly can.  Please bear in mind that they teach several hundred children, and as a result it may take some time for them to respond if many ask questions at the same time.
  • Your teacher may create a video conferenced group discussion online (through TEAMs) which you may choose to take part in. They will let you know if and when these are being arranged.


Daily Activities – between 45 and 60 minutes every day if possible - at a time to suit the home!

Social time and relax 

(45 minutes)


Choose two of these every day:


  • Chore time - Help unstack the dishwasher, take the bins out, help prepare lunch and dinner


  • Keep in touch with a family member, friend on the phone, skype chat, facetime etc - talk more about what you've been doing


  • Play Minecraft (or similar) with a friend.


  • Read a book / magazine of your choice independently or read a book to a family member


  • Play a board game with members of your family


  • Watch a film


Core subjects

(45 minutes)


Choose two of these every day:



Mathematics or Numeracy



Skills Challenge Certificate


Complete tasks and activities that have been set by your teacher.  These might involve using booklets, GCSE Pod, MyMaths etc.  Log in to your subject TEAMs to get the details for each subject.

 Non-core subjects

(45 minutes)


Choose one of these every day:


Option 1

Option 2

Option 3


Complete tasks and activities that have been set by your teacher.  These might involve using booklets, GCSE Pod etc.  Log in to your subject TEAMs to get the details for each subject.

Well-being and Physical Activities

(45 minutes)

We would usually interact with many people during the day.

This period involves social isolation, which means a significant change for us all.  Try some of these activites to help your well-being.

You can also find some other activities on our website HERE.

  • Take a walk locally - what do you see, hear, smell?
  • ‘Fitness Fifteen’ - walk / run for a quarter of an hour around the garden, up and down the 'drive'
  • Football, netball / or basket (bin as basket) skip
  • How about exercising on a trampoline or pogo stick?
  • Take part in Joe Wicks 'workout'
  • Take part in online yoga / mindfulness classes
  • Create a dance - how you can share it with others?
  • Draw up an obstacle course.
  • Try some of these activities from Youtube:

Body scan (5 min)

Moon and stars relaxation (9 min)

Guided meditation (10 min)

The magic shell (13 min)

The Secret treehouse (16 min)

Underwater world (28 min)

Guided meditation (2 min)

Pinwheel breathing (4 min)

Guided meditation (6 min)

Breathing meditation  (12 min)

Thought bubbles (6 min)

Attention / concentration (6 min)


Express your feelings in your diary.

Discuss with others. 

If you are happy to do so, you could share a photo of this with your class teacher. 




Example Timetables :

We know it can be difficult to establish a routine when school is closed, so we have suggested some daily and weekly timetables below to help.  These are just example timings for students and families that would like a structure and routine, and of course, all timings and the order of any activities should be decided by you.

Example weekly timetable


Example daily timetables with possible timings



The subject specific tasks are set through students' Class TEAMs (in the same way as we have been setting homework all year)


These TEAMs are only available to year 10 students at the school who have an Office 365 Log in.


There are lots of companies, schools and groups preparing resources for 'home-learning' at this time.  So if you want to look for other resources on work that we've set, or you just want to try something different with your children, these sites might be worth a look : 


Sustrans : OutsideIn - Challenges games and activities to keep your family busy during lockdown

Seneca Learning : Subject based resources

BBC Bitesize

Subjec Resources form the Oak Academy - as featured on the BBC!

Secondary School Subject resources from OUP

Harry Potter at Home

Activities from RSPB

Activities from WWF

 The Anne Frank House

The National History Museum

The Grand Canyon

The Great Barrier Reef

The British Museum

The Museum of Modern Art

The Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel


Parents! @CareersWales are running a live Q&A session across their Facebook and Twitter channels on Thursday 23 April 2pm – 3pm
to answer any concerns you may have around your child’s future opportunities.
Keep checking their social media channels for further information.


We'll add to this list as become aware of things, so pop back and take a look!