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Listed below are a variety of questions frequently asked by parents. Should your query not be addressed either here or elsewhere on this website then please do not hesitate to contact the school on +44 (0)1492 593243 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Who do I contact about my child's absence?

    In the event that your child cannot attend school, please call us (preferably before 9:00am) on 01492 593243, press 1 at the prompt and state clearly: the name of your child, his or her Form group, and the reason for non-attendance.
  • Who do I contact about my child's progress and homework?

    The school has a highly effective reporting system for academic progress but should you wish to discuss this further, please contact your child's Head of Year.
  • Who do I contact about my child's behaviour or welfare?

    Should you have any concerns about your child's behaviour or welfare in school, please contact his or her Year Mentor.
  • What is the school uniform?

    Full details of the school uniform for Years 7 to 11 and the school uniform for the Sixth Form can be found on our school uniform page.
  • What is the PE kit?

    Full details of the P.E. kit can be found on our school uniform page .
  • What do I do if my child does not have his/her full uniform?

    It is the policy of the school that all pupils should wear school uniform. However, should exceptional circumstance dictate that your child is unable to wear the correct uniform then a note should be provided and/or a call made to the appropriate Year Mentor.
  • What are the hours of the school day?

    A total of 25 hours weekly is spent teaching during Years 7 - 11. These hours include the time spent on religious education but exclude the statutory daily act of collective worship, registration and breaks.

    Normal TimetableExtended Registration
    08:45 Tutor Period 08:45 Tutor Period/PSHE
    09:05 Lesson 1 09:35 Lesson 1
    10:05 Lesson 2 10:25 Lesson 2
    11:05 Break 11:15 Break
    11:20 Lesson 3 11:30 Lesson 3
    12:20 Lunch 12:20 Lunch
    13:10 Lesson 4 13:10 Lesson 4
    14:10 Lesson 5 14:10 Lesson 5
    15:10 End of school day 15:10 End of school day
  • What are the Term dates?

    Details of events and important dates can be found by consulting the school calendar.
  • How do I know when Parents’ Evenings are taking place?

    Please check the school calendar on this website, tab can be found at the top of this page.
  • How do I know when plays and musicals are taking place?

    Please check the school calendar for information about plays, musicals and other events of interest.
  • How do I make an appointment to see the Head Teacher?

    Should you need to make an appointment to see the Headteacher, then please contact our reception on 01492 593243, where the necessary arrangements can be made.
  • How do I make an appointment to see a member of staff?

    Should you need to make an appointment to see a member of the school's staff, then please contact our reception on 01492 593243, where the necessary arrangements can be made.
  • How do I contact a Governor of the school?

    Members of the school's Governing Body can be contacted by first contacting Ms Jones, Clerk to the Governors.
  • How do I join the PTA or Parents' Working Group?

    There is a thriving Ysgol Aberconwy Parent-Teacher Association which all parents are welcome to join. Should you wish to register your interest in either the Parent-Teacher Association and/or the Parents' Working Group then please contact our reception and ask to speak to Mrs Bradshaw, one of the Deputy Headteachers.
  • Who do I contact about school transport?

    Forms to apply for transportation to and from school are available from the school reception. Enquiries regarding transport can be made by calling Mr B. Saxby, the School Transport officer at Conwy County Borough Council, on 01492 575595.
  • What do I do if my child has lost their bus pass?

    Should your child lose their bus pass, please contact the appropriate Year Mentor.
  • Who do I contact about claiming free meals and uniform allowance?

    Forms to claim for free school meals and/or the uniform allowance are available from the school reception. Enquiries regarding this can be made by calling Benefits Customer Services at Conwy County Borough Council on 01492 576491.
  • What do I do if we are planning a family holiday in term time?

    Parents should not take annual holidays which do not coincide with school holidays. The importance of coursework in the GCSE examinations means that it is most unwise for pupils in Years 10 and 11 to miss school, even for family holidays. In exceptional circumstances, however, holiday forms can be obtained from the school; these should be completed and returned in advance.
  • Who should I speak to about an incident at the school?

    Should you need to speak to someone about an incident in school, then please contact our reception on 01492 593243, where you will be directed to the relevant member of staff.
  • Who do I inform of a serious incident at home or in the community?

    For school-related matters that occur at home or in the community, please contact your child's Year Mentor. 

Required from September 2019 : PE Teacher

This is a temporary part-time position for one year, 2 days per week

Salary : Main Teaching Scale

Closing Date: Friday 20th September 2019


We are seeking to appoint an outstanding, enthusiastic and highly motivated Teacher of PE (to work with male PE students) who will lead by example and support the department in achieving its ambitious targets. We encourage applications from newly qualified teachers or those with more experience who feel they can add value to an already highly-effective department and prosper in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.

Successful candidates must:

  • be a teacher of PE with consistently ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ classroom practice
  • be a passionate advocate of the subject who contributes effectively to departmental and whole school improvement.
  • have the ability to teach across the full age and ability range at age 11-18. 
  • have the desire to become a supportive Form Tutor.
  • be able and willing to make a full contribution to the life of the school.
  • have high expectations of themselves and others
  • be a good communicator with excellent interpersonal skills
  • be flexible and a good team player

It is an exciting time to join Ysgol Aberconwy, a mixed 11-to-18 comprehensive school of 800 pupils.  Set in its own extensive new campus on the banks of the beautiful River Conwy, the school is situated in the medieval town of Conwy on the North Wales coast adjacent to the Snowdonia National Park. Ysgol Aberconwy’s proximity to the main A55 trunk road provides easy accessibility throughout North Wales, Cheshire and Wirral. The school is exceptionally well resourced with all teachers having access to personal technology, as well as an ICT suite for their curriculum area.

The diversity of the school community ensures that the school is a vibrant and interesting place to work.  We offer:

  • A well established and comprehensive mentor programme
  • A strong personalised programme of professional development and coaching for teachers and support staff
  • Strong links with other local schools for partnership working and support
  • A strong community spirit
  • Staff who are very supportive towards each other.



Applicant Information Pack

Teacher Application Form



Completed Application Form and covering letter to be returned to Lynn Jones at Ysgol Aberconwy either by post or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you require any further information regarding this post, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.in the first instance.

Conwy is committed to safeguarding - qualifications and references will be verified

Pupils with Additional Learning Needs

Ysgol Aberconwy has well established arrangements for identifying and providing for individual pupils’ additional learning needs. It is our policy to assess pupils’ needs as early as possible.

After careful diagnostic testing, pupils follow individually tailored programmes. Where pupils have needs which require the co-operation of outside agencies, it is the responsibility of the ALNCO to make the necessary contacts.

During all stages in the provision for a pupil’s additional learning needs, we seek to work closely with parents, and emphasise the importance of good working relationships between the school and home.

The school houses the Conwy centre for Dyslexia, ABCD. The teacher responsible for this area is Helen Samuel. Please contact the school for further information.

Please note that the school is fully accessible for pupils with disabilities.

Looked After Children

Ysgol Aberconwy supports and promotes the education of all children, including the specific needs of Looked After Children. The member of staff responsible for this area is Mrs Ann Bradshaw.

ABCD: Aberconwy Base for Children with Dyslexia

Aberconwy Base for Children with Dyslexia is based in Ysgol Aberconwy which carries full certification from CReSTeD, the Council for the Registration of Schools Teaching Dyslexic Pupils.

All pupils study the National Curriculum Core and foundation subjects, but pupils linked with ABCD may be disapplied from up to two subjects, dependent on their Statement of Special Educational Needs. This enables them to attend specialist teaching sessions within ABCD.

ABCD pupils are full time pupils at Ysgol Aberconwy but have the added benefit of the support provision provided by ABCD. It is the responsibility of ABCD staff to cater for the needs of its Dyslexic pupils.

Socialisation is an important factor in a pupil's first few weeks in school, particularly if they are entering Conwy from another county, and so ABCD pupils are placed in tutor groups and generally stay within that group for the duration of their time in school.

ABCD pupils follow the regular timetable for their year group but in subjects where it is deemed necessary they will be offered in-lesson support.

In addition to support in lessons, word set well be differentiated (adapted) by ABCD according to the needs of the individual pupil so as to enable them to access the whole curriculum fully.

I.T. Provision

The following equipment/support is available to ABCD pupils as necessary:

  • Franklin Spellmasters
  • Access to PCs and printers
  • Specialist computer programmes
  • Multisensory equipment
  • In-class support from staff qualified with the British Dyslexia Association

Specialist teaching sessions in ABCD are taken by a qualified Dyslexia specialist and may either be on a one-to-one basis or within a small group situation. This allocated time will be used in multsensory teaching, following phonics programmes and similar Dyslexia-based teaching methods, overlearning of particular subjects and general support with self-organistaion.

It is expected, however, that ABCD pupils take full responsibility for their own work, effort and progress.

It is our policy at ABCD to work in close liaison with parents so as to provide the best possible support network for the individual child. Keeping in touch with parents and maintaining strong home/school links is part of Ysgol Aberconwy's strong tradition of parental involvement.

Teacher in Charge

Mrs Helen Samuel, BEd (Hons), CFPS Dyslexia

Parent Governor Vacancy.

Members of the Governing Body in Ysgol Aberconwy:

Governor Category Name  
Chair: Cllr Terry James
Vice Chair: Ms Collette Ryan
LEA Representatives:

Cllr Samantha Cotton 
Cllr Emma Leighton-Jones
Mrs Brenda Bignold


Parents Governors:

Mr Mike Barber
Mr Peter Hughes
Ms Keren Bond
Mr Mike Royle

Headteacher: Mr Ian Gerrard
Teacher Governors: Mr Richard Burrows
Ms Janette Hughes
Staff Representative: Miss Jess Spencer  
Community Members:

Mrs Pat Hart
Mrs Helen Roberts

Associate Pupils: Ruth Dean [Head Girl]
Mim Allardice [Head Girl]
Non-Voting Advisors Mrs Ann Bradshaw [Assistant Head]
Mr David Young [Assistant Head]
Mr Kuljit Bratch [Business Manager]
Clerk to Governors Miss Lynn Jones

Governors can be contacted through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Clerk to the Governors.

Composition of the Governing Body

  • The Headteacher
  • Two members of the teaching staff
  • One member of staff
  • Five parents
  • Four representative from the Local Area Authority
  • Five community members
  • Two pupils

Dates for Meetings of Governors

Term Committee Date Time
Summer 2019 Personnel and Finance
Full Governors
11 Jun 2019
25 Jun 2019
Autumn 2019 Full Governor (Meeting to elect officials) 8 Oct 2019 5:00pm


The Governors produce an annual report to parents, which can be found in the General Information section of the website.

Below are the confirmed GCSE examination results for Ysgol Aberconwy from the Welsh Government for 2016.

Numbers of pupils aged 15 who were on roll in January 2016: 125

 Entered at least one qualificationAchieved the Level 1 thresholdAchieved the Level 2 thresholdAchieved the Level 2 threshold including a GCSE pass in English or Welsh first language and MathematicsCore Subject IndicatorAverage capped wider points score per pupil 
School 2015/16  100 100 89 50 47 348  
LA Area 2015/16  99 94 82 56 53 334  
Wales 2015/16  99 95 84 60 58 344  
School 14/15/16*  100 99 90  53 47 352  

* Three year average.

Numbers of boys aged 15 who were on roll in January 2016: 79

 Entered at least one qualificationAchieved the Level 1 thresholdAchieved the Level 2 thresholdAchieved the Level 2 threshold including a GCSE pass in English or Welsh first language and MathematicsCore Subject IndicatorAverage capped wider points score per pupil 
School 2015/16 100  100 87 52 49 344  
LA Area 2015/16  98 93 79 53 51 324  
Wales 2015/16  99 94 81 56 54 333  
School 14/15/16*  100 98 89 50 46 345  

* Three year average.

Numbers of girls aged 15 who were on roll in January 2016: 46

 Entered at least one qualificationAchieved the Level 1 thresholdAchieved the Level 2 thresholdAchieved the Level 2 threshold including a GCSE pass in English or Welsh first language and MathematicsCore Subject IndicatorAverage capped wider points score per pupil 
School 2015/16 100  100 91 46 44 355  
LA Area 2015/16 99  96 85 59 56 347  
Wales 2015/16 99  97 88 65 62 357  
School 14/15/16* 100  100 90 56 47 361  

* Three year average.


School: County Maintained, Co-Educational 11 - 18 Comprehensive School
Language: English Medium
Headteacher: Mr Ian Gerrard BSc
Address: Morfa Drive,
LL32 8ED
Telephone: +44 (0)1492 593243
Facsimile: +44 (0)1492 592537
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Chair of Governors: Mr T. James
  • Ethos & Values

    We want Ysgol Aberconwy to be a happy, caring, ordered and respectful community in which people are treated with fairness and are supported in developing themselves to the fullest possible extent to enable them to take their place in society. In short we aim to INSPIRE our students through an innovative approach to learning and SUPPORT them through our dedicated pastoral systems so that they can SUCCEED throughout their time in school and beyond. Parents of prospective pupils are welcome to visit Ysgol Aberconwy at any time during the school day. Contact Reception at school on +44 (0)1492 593243 in order to make an appointment to visit Ysgol Aberconwy
  • The School Day

    A total of 25 hours weekly is spent teaching during Years 7 - 11. These hours include the time spent on religious education, but exclude the statutory daily act of collective worship, registration and breaks. The timetable is arranged as follows:

    Normal Timetable Extended Registration
    08:45 Tutor Period 08:45 Tutor Period/PSHE
    09:05 Lesson 1 09:35 Lesson 1
    10:05 Lesson 2 10:25 Lesson 2
    11:05 Break 11:15 Break
    11:20 Lesson 3 11:30 Lesson 3
    12:20 Lunch 12:20 Lunch
    13:10 Lesson 4 13:10 Lesson 4
    14:10 Lesson 5 14:10 Lesson 5
    15:10 End of school day 15:10 End of school day

    Facilities: Many of the school’s facilities are available to pupils during the lunchtime period and after school.

  • Lunch Time Arrangements

    Pupils may buy a school lunch or bring their own packed lunch. The lunches provided in the school dining room are of a high standard and are offered as part of an extensive menu. A cashless fingerprint recognition system is in operation. Pupils who stay at school for lunch or who bring sandwiches remain under the care and supervision of the school. In order that we can fulfil this responsibility we expect all pupils to remain on the school premises during the midmorning break and lunchtimes.
  • Closure or partial closure of the school due to adverse weather.

    When a decision is taken to close the school we will make the information available as soon as possible in the following ways.  Unless communication is received through these means, then please assume that the school remains open :

    • School website (www.aberconwy.conwy.sch.uk)
    • Text and email message to primary contact numbers (please therefore keep us informed of any changes to mobile phone numbers or email addresses)
    • Conwy County Council website (www.conwy.gov.uk/schoolclosures)
    • Local Radio (Capital FM/Heart Radio/Radio Cymru/Radio Wales)

    The decision to close the school is never taken lightly and rests with Mr Gerrard and the Governors.  Throughout the decision making process, our primary concern is always the safety of all our students and staff.

  • Pupil Development Grant (PDG) Access

    The Welsh Government have recently announced the PDG Access Fund.  Through this funding pupils eligible for free school meals will be able to access a grant of £125 for the purchase of the following:

    • School uniform including coats and shoes;
    • School sports kit including footwear;
    • Uniform for enrichment activities, including but not limited to, scouts; guides; cadets; martial arts; sports; performing arts or dance;
    • Equipment e.g. school bags and stationery;
    • Specialist equipment where new curriculum activities begin such as design and technology; and
    • Equipment for out of school hour’s trips such as outdoor learning e.g. waterproofs.

    The funding is available to pupils who are eligible for free school meals or are looked after children entering:

    • Reception class of a maintained primary school in September 2018
    • Year 7 of a maintained secondary schools in September 2018
    • Pupils in special school, special needs resource bases and pupil referral units who are aged 4 or aged 11 in September 2018.

    The grant in Conwy for eligible pupils will be administrated by the Conwy Benefits Section and any enquiries should be forwarded to this section.

    The address for this is: Conwy County Borough Council, Revenue and Benefits Assessment Services, Bodlondeb, Conwy LL32 8DU

    The Welsh Government have also published information on the following link.


  • Pupil Deprivation Grant

    Ysgol Aberconwy’s Pupil Deprivation Grant Statement

    The purpose of the Pupil Deprivation Grant is to improve the educational attainment of pupils from low income families and who are entitled to free school meals (eFSM). Schools are expected to maximise the use of this funding by introducing sustainable strategies which will quickly lead to improved outcomes for pupils entitled to free school meals.

    As a school, we want to learn from the best practice in Wales and beyond by:

    1. planning interventions that focus on improving the attainment of pupils from deprived backgrounds, regularly monitoring pupils’ progress and evaluating the impact of the intervention.
    2. integrating plans for the effective use of the PDG into the School Development Plan, basing our practice on sound evidence and including them as part of a whole school strategy.
    3. balancing whole school strategies with targeted interventions to ensure that all learners entitled to free school meals benefit as individuals, whilst the whole school also develops its ability to support every learner to achieve their full potential.

     In 2017-18 Ysgol Aberconwy were allocated a total Pupil Deprivation Grant of £118,450

    Ysgol Aberconwy has a comprehensive plan, agreed and monitored by GwE and Conwy Local Authority, to promote high expectations attainment and progress and to remove barriers to learning for pupils entitled to this funding.

    We have used the funding available to:

    • Providing targeted support to improve attendance for vulnerable learners.
    • Developing opportunities for parents and the local community to become more involved in pupil’s learning.
    • To develop additional learning opportunities at lunch and after school through clubs and workshops.
    • To provide after school and holiday learning session to support the progress of vulnerable learners.
    • Provide learning coaches to support identified groups of learners.
    • Provide additional mentoring to support identified groups of learners.
    • Provide personalized curriculum opportunities to support identified groups of learners.
    • Ensure that teaching and learning is of the highest standard for all learners and that all teaching staff are aware of vulnerable pupils and of support available for them.
    • To support learners with essentials for learning through a deprivation fund.


    It is not appropriate for the school to publish a detailed plan as it could identify individual pupils.

  • Professional Learning Grant



    Ysgol Aberconwy

    Allocated Sum








    Outline of intentions






    • To fund membership of professional bodies such as SSAT and PiXL to assist in collaboration and development.
    • To fund release time for staff to research, develop and Practice pedagogical principles in line with Successful Futures, through development of our TEEP programme.
    • To fund the release of staff to train to TEEP level 3, in line with our ‘TEEP Ambassador’ status.
    • To fund release and training to develop a TEEP Hub through collaboration with other secondary schools in Conwy.
    • To fund other training opportunities for staff, particularly funding the release of staff to work with our cluster primaries and other local secondaries in development of new pedagogies and practices.
    • To fund release of staff to develop the evaluation systems of the school, to impact the school’s development plan.
    • To fund training aimed at developing the coaching skills of all staff.
    • To fund the release of staff to work with other schools in our region on the development of an effective SLO model.
    • To fund development of our cross-curricular approach (PBL) in the year 7 curriculum.
    • To fund the resourcing of PBL, including the development and provision of learning plans.
    • To fund the appointment of a ‘Bilingual Coordinator’ in the school and to fund opportunities for staff to develop their Welsh Language skills.
    • To support work on development of AfL in the school.
    • To fund specific development projects within the new AoLEs – for example, the introduction of dance within ‘Expressive Arts’.
    • To fund the development of leadership skills through a number of structured opportunities such as those associated with our PiXL and SSAT memberships.


    Expected Impact and Outcomes

    • To prepare for the ‘New Curriculum’ by providing our learners with a purpose-lead, exciting and relevant learning experience.
    • To develop robust assessment of learning and learners
    • To develop our ‘School as a learning organisation’.
    • To continue the development of our bilingual ethos.
    • To build and sustain meaningful partnership working across the county, region and nation.
    • To gain TEEP ‘training school’ status.
  • Site Management

    All school catering is provided by Sodexo, a large specialist international facilities management company, who also provide cleaning and site management of Ysgol Aberconwy. All classrooms are newly refurbished and are kept to a very high standard. Toilet facilities are available throughout the school and are cleaned on an hourly basis.
  • Pupil Records

    The school keeps individual records for all pupils throughout their time with us. They include such items as personal and medical details, formal reports and test results, and any other information that the school regards as significant for the welfare and progress of the pupil. Pupil records aim to assist reliable communication between home and school and the school provides for open access to individual pupil records by the parents of pupils below 18 years of age. Where changes take place in a pupil’s personal circumstances, of which the school needs to be aware, parents are asked to let us know at the earliest possible opportunity."
  • Absence

    If a pupil is not well enough to attend school, parents should contact the school on the first day of the illness, and send a note with the child when he or she returns to school. The school contacts parents when absence occurs as a precaution against truancy. Parents should not take annual holidays which do not coincide with school holidays and dental or other medical appointments should, where possible, be arranged outside of school hours.
  • Illness at School

    If a pupil becomes ill or has an accident at school the school may:

    • provide first aid when it is a minor accident
    • contact parents so that the pupil may go home
    • contact the hospital directly and ask for the parent to take or meet their child there if it is more serious

    The school has a team of staff members who are on duty during school hours, and are the first point of referral for pupils who feel unwell or have been involved in an accident. Where parents cannot be contacted and hospital treatment is necessary, a teacher may give permission acting on the parent’s behalf. Parents are asked to inform the school of any medical or clinical condition which might affect the pupil’s progress.

  • Loss or Damage

    Parents are asked to note that the Authority and the Governing Body do not accept any responsibility for loss of, or damage to, personal property at school. The school advises parents not to allow pupils to bring expensive electronic and mobile phone appliances to school. Any pupils damaging school property will be required to pay for repair or replacement.
  • Welfare

    Applications for free school meals and uniform grants are dealt with by the Education Department, Conwy County Borough Council, telephone 01492 575056. AS A PARENT OR GUARDIAN ARE YOU ENTITLED TO A FREE SCHOOL MEAL FOR YOUR CHILDREN ATTENDING A SCHOOL WITHIN CONWY COUNTY BOROUGH? For more information please click here...
  • School Uniform Grant

    You may be eligible for a grant provided by the Welsh Government to help with the purchase of a school uniform for your child if you are on a low income click here…
  • Transport

    Transport to school from most areas is arranged by Conwy County Borough Council, telephone 01492 575413. In addition, the school runs its own services to and from Deganwy and Llandudno Junction, funded entirely through ticket sales. Please contact the school for more details on the arrangements for this service. Please click here to see recent changes to the Deganwy and Llandudno Junction bus service...
  • Arrangements Made for Pupils with Disabilities

    The school is fully accessible for pupils with disabilities and complies fully with all current regulations. The strategic equality plan can be downloaded by clicking this link.
  • Governors Annual Report

    The school's Governors produce an annual report to parents which can be found by clicking here.
  • Parents' and carers' guide to Secondary school

    The Welsh Government have produced a booklet to help explain what your child will be learning in secondary school.  The guide can be found by clicking here.
  • General Security Arrangements

    The school is fully secure with controlled access. It has a CCTV system which monitors the movement of pupils, staff and visitors around school. At break, lunchtime, before and after school teams of duty staff supervise pupils. There are members of staff trained in First Aid. All visitors to the school must sign in at reception and are issued with a visitors’ pass for the school. The gates to the bus park close at 3:10pm and re-open once all pupils are on the school buses safely. In order to further ensure the safety of pupils at the end of the day, it would be appreciated if parents/guardians park vehicles in the car parks available, rather than on the road.
  • Tutor Groups

    Each pupil is placed in a mixed-ability tutor group of boys and girls. It is the role of the tutor to get to know the children in his or her care and to be responsible for day-to-day administration such as marking the register, checking uniform and reading daily notices.
  • Career Education & Guidance

    Careers Wales North West is an independent company specialising in careers advice, information and guidance. It works with all pupils in Ysgol Aberconwy. A Careers Wales North West Careers Adviser visits the school regularly to give careers guidance to young people individually and as groups, as well as attending meetings for parents in the school to discuss 14+ and 16+ choices. Some of year 10 and 12 pupils undertake work experience in local companies. During their time at school pupils will be offered a variety of opportunities to explore the world of work through WBQ, PSHE and curriculum areas. CAREERS WALES NORTH WEST The Careers Centre 25, Chapel Street Llandudno, LL30 2SY Telephone: 01492 871900
  • Personal, Social and Health Education

    We believe that personal and social education is central to the overall development of each pupil, and many aspects of school life contribute to this end. Each pupil undertakes a Personal Social Health Educational programme. The programme includes careers education, development of research and study skills, sex education and health education. The school’s policy for sex education is available from the school. We have a school nurse available once a week to see pupils on a confidential basis.
  • Sport Aims

    We want Physical Education at Ysgol Aberconwy to be an enjoyable, caring, ordered and respectful experience where everyone is supported to reach their full potential. We strive to develop positive attitudes towards wellbeing and try to encourage lifelong involvement in physical, outdoor and sporting activities. Our aim is to provide meaningful PE experiences that interest, excite and motivate all our pupils. We want everyone to experience success, develop the ‘whole’ person and provide motivation for positive lifelong attitudes towards health and well-being. We acknowledge the powerful influence sport and physical activity can have on young people and appreciate the significant role that PE staff members play in promoting these key values. Every child matters and every child has the right to enjoy and participate in high quality physical education and school sport, regardless of their age, ability, gender and background.

  • R.E. & The Collective Act of Worship

    We have a planned programme of collective worship, via assemblies. It is our intention to foster high moral and ethical standards, encouraging pupils to reflect on issues and to demonstrate a caring approach to them. When there is no assembly each form has a 'Thought of the day' for consideration. The school has no religious affiliation and religious education is provided in accordance with the Agreed Syllabus. If a parent should object on grounds of conscience to a pupil receiving religious instruction or attending assembly, alternative arrangements can be made. If a parent wishes to withdraw their child from religious education or assemblies, they should write to the Headteacher.
  • Charges for School Activities

    The Governing Body has adopted a policy of charging pupils for:

    • board and lodging costs on educational visits
    • activities outside school hours
    • instrumental music tuition
    • external examinations for which the school has not prepared the pupil during that school year
    • examinations when the pupil fails to complete the coursework requirements or fails to attend the examination without a proper reason
    • intentional or negligent damage to school property or for the loss of school property
    • when a pupil/parent requests a re-sit in one or more subjects

    A variety of trips are arranged to enrich the school experience of pupils. Whereas no child will be excluded from such trips as a result of an inability to pay, it is important that the expenses of each trip are met if the activity is to take place.

  • Complaints Procedure

    The school’s Governing Body has established a procedure to consider complaints concerning the way that the school’s Governing Body and the Education Authority act in relation to the curriculum and other related matters. This procedure is outlined in a document in Welsh and English which is available at the school. In the first instance, if you have any complaints or problems, which relate to the running of the school, please do not hesitate to contact the Headteacher.
  • Further Information

    The following publications are also available from the school:

    • Options booklets
    • The Sixth Form prospectus
    • Estyn report 2012
    • Governors’ Annual Report to Parents

    Together with the Prospectus Handbook the school and Governing Body fulfil their responsibilities under the Education Acts to provide information for parents. In addition, the Education Act also gives parents right of access to the following information upon further request:

    • The Local Education Authority’s Statement of Curriculum Policy
    • Administrative memoranda and circulars sent to the school by the Welsh Office
    • Reports of Estyn
    • Schemes of Work and Syllabuses currently in use, including National Curriculum Statutory Orders
    • Copies of the arrangements for the consideration of complaints about the school curriculum issued by the Authority
    • The Local Education Authority’s Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education.
  • Pupil Behaviour and Discipline

    The school's Pupil Behaviour and Discipline Policy can be downloaded by clicking here.

  • Anti -Bullying Policy

    The following publications are also available from the school:

    Our Anti - Bullying Policy can be requested by contacting Ms L Jones on 01492 593243 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or can be downloaded by clicking here.

 General information is available on this website, however you can download a copy of both the prospectus and information booklet from the links below and peruse our prospectus using the eVersion included on this page.

Please contact the school on 01492 593243 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to make an appointment to view our facilities or have any further questions.

LINC application form and prospectus can be found below.

Please see the download attachments link at the bottom of the page for the current Year 9 Options Booklet and Sixth form Prospectus. 

Take a look at our digital prospectus below...



Sixth Form Prospectus 

Year 9 Options Booklet

Welcome to our Website. I am extremely proud to be the Headteacher of Ysgol Aberconwy - a school that puts learning and individual achievement at the heart of everything it does. We want every pupil to succeed; to achieve their full potential, be prepared for the future and become confident, thoughtful young people so they leave us ready for the challenges of an exciting and increasingly competitive world.

Situated in a spectacular location on the Conwy estuary, the school boasts a modern, well maintained and well equipped environment. Whilst the school’s ethos is based on traditional values of respect, responsibility and community spirit, students experience the very latest technology and teaching methods in the classroom.

Here at Ysgol Aberconwy we have the highest expectations of all our pupils in all areas of school life. Academic standards are important to us and we expect all pupils to achieve the very best. We also have the highest expectations of our pupils when it comes to behaviour, attendance, punctuality and uniform.

The pastoral system at Ysgol Aberconwy is extensive and innovative. Each year group has a full time non-teaching Guidance Mentor. Working from a key stage base these mentors are available throughout the day to respond to pupils’ concerns and to provide a direct contact point for parents.

We have a flourishing extra-curricular programme. This includes a full range of sporting activities in the school’s state of the art facilities as well as music concerts and drama productions. The school owns its own field centre in the hills above Abergwyngregyn and has an extensive outdoor activities programme.

We are also proud of our Welsh tradition and heritage. The school encourages the use of the Welsh language in lessons and beyond, and we are developing the provision of some subjects through the medium of Welsh for those who want it.

We are very fortunate to have a dedicated and highly professional team of teachers and support staff who expect the very highest standards from all our pupils, whilst our strong school systems ensure that pupils learn in a safe and friendly environment where teachers teach and learners learn.

We want the same things that you want for your child. In order to achieve this we rely on our home-school partnership. We encourage parents and carers to get involved in the life of the school and their children’s educational journey alongside the dedicated team of mentors that will guide your children along the way.

For those of you who are parents of primary school children we know that the transition to secondary school can be seen as daunting for some pupils. We have strong relationships with all our partner primary schools and operate a special programme of events and activities to help smooth the transition process and provide continuity for your children.

The choice of school for your child is a crucial decision. True knowledge about a school comes from understanding and seeing what actually goes on inside it. This website provides lots of important information about the school but I strongly advise you to combine this with a visit to our open evening, or call us to arrange a visit at some other time so that you can make a well informed choice for your child.


Ian Gerrard 


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