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Exam information for candidates

Ysgol Aberconwy Students Examination Information Booklet

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Numeracy & Literacy Exams - Information for parents & carers.

All pupils in Years 7-11 sit examinations as appropriate. In Year 11 all pupils sit mock examinations during the Autumn Term. The school prepares all pupils to enter for public examinations.

Public Examinations

Last year’s results are distributed when the Government Tables of Examinations results are published. Each year the majority of our Year 13 students continue their studies at Universities and Colleges of Further Education.

General Examination Information

Exams Years 10 - 13

If a pupil has studied a subject and been entered on an examination, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure they attend school and sit it.

Should a pupil miss the examination without a justifiable reason (agreed by the Headteacher) the entry fee must be paid by the parent.


The results sheets you receive on Results Day are NOT your actual certificates.

If you have any queries about your results, please contact your subject teacher as soon as possible.

Collection dates for GCSE and A Level certificates will be posted on this website. When applicable, collections can be made from the school reception from this date during term-time mornings only please.

Good Exam Nutrition

When you're busy revising and thinking about your exams, it's easy to forget about eating healthily and to just reach for the nearest piece of food.

Eating properly is just as important as revising properly. It can actually help you to revise better.

Like revision, eating healthily should start well before your exam but – also like revision – it's never too late to start!

Download these good exam nutrition tips.

National Test dates 2019


The tests will take place in the Hall. They will start after registration and finish mid-way through Lesson 2.


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

English Reading

Thursday 2nd May

Tuesday 30th April

Monday 29th April

Welsh Reading

Friday 3rd May


Numeracy Procedural

These on-line tests will take place in F107 & F108 [The Media rooms] by form class.

The tests are personalised and the duration of the test will vary. Students will return to their lessons when they have finished.







Monday 29th April

7 CC

7 CM

7 DC

7 HC


Wednesday 1st May

8 CC

8 CM

8 DC

8 HC


Tuesday 30th April

9 CC

9 DC

9 DM

9 HC



Numeracy Reasoning

The reasoning test will take place on Thursday 9th May in the timetabled Maths Lesson.

Year 9 Lesson 2

Year 7 Lesson 3

Year 8 Lesson 5




English language Unit 2

Y12/13 resit

Monday 4 Tachwedd/ November


Maths Numeracy Unit 1

Year 11 – sets 2-5

Tuesday 5 Tachwedd/ November


English language Unit 3

Y12/13 resit

Wednesday 6 Tachwedd/ November


Maths Numeracy Unit 2

Year 11 – sets 2-5

Thursday 7 Tachwedd/ November



Friday 8 Tachwedd/ November



Monday 11 Tachwedd/ November

Maths Unit 1

Y12/13 resit


Tuesday 12 Tachwedd/ November


Maths Unit 2

Y12/13 resit

Wednesday 13 Tachwedd/ November



Thursday 14 Tachwedd/ November



Friday 15 Tachwedd/ November


November GCSE Results Arrangements:

Students will get their results in January 2020.



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