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Latest Estyn Report

Estyn will be inspecting us during week commencing 5th March 2018 and they want parents' and guardians' views. We have sent out a text to all parents and guardians with a link to a questionnaire, which you are invited to complete in confidence. If you haven't received a text or you would like a paper copy of the questionnaire, please call the school on 01492 593243 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Friday 9th February.

Ysgol Aberconwy was inspected by Estyn between 30th April and 4th May 2012. The report was published on 6th July 2012. The full report can be downloaded below.

Key Stage 3 Science
Key points from the report

Estyn reports that Ysgol Aberconwy is a good school because:

  • overall standards of attainment are good and improving;
  • innovative curriculum planning enables pupils to succeed;
  • assessment and tracking of pupils’ progress is very effective;
  • guidance and mentoring of pupils is very good;
  • the learning environment is positive, and
  • the school is well led.

Its prospects for improvement are good because:

  • leaders and managers have a clear awareness of areas for improvement;
  • a culture of monitoring and self evaluation is well embedded in school routines;
  • data is used well to set and monitor targets;
  • planning for improvement is of good quality;
  • of the recent track record of improvement, and
  • of progress made since the last inspection.

Quotes from the report


"In key stage 3 pupils’ performance is good."Estyn Report, 2012

"Pupils’ performance is also good in key stage 4. In 2011, performance in all major indicators as well as in each of the core subjects was above average."Estyn Report, 2012

"At post-16, pupils’ attainment reflects a continuing upward trend over the past three years."Estyn Report, 2012

Wellbeing & Support

"Nearly all pupils report that they feel safe in school as a result of the very good personal support they receive."Estyn Report, 2012

"Outstanding supportive strategies provide very good guidance and personal mentoring. These strengths contribute significantly towards improving achievement, confidence and relationships."Estyn Report, 2012

Learning Experience

"From Year 9 onwards the needs of learners are met in a very innovative way. Along with studying the core subjects, all pupils study and complete two GCSE level courses in each of Years 9, 10 and 11. This successfully engages, challenges and stimulates pupils to achieve well."Estyn Report, 2012

Learning Environment

"The ethos of the school is one of an inclusive caring community. There is a strong commitment to offering equality of opportunity and access to all aspects of school life regardless of gender, race or disability."Estyn Report, 2012

"Relationships are very good and characterised by mutual respect."Estyn Report, 2012