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Data Protection

Privacy Notice

What the school, Local Authority and Government does with information it holds on pupils.

This page tells you about what the Welsh Government, Conwy Education Services and Ysgol Aberconwy does with your child’s, personal and performance information (data), and any personal information (data) relating to you as parent / guardian.

The Collection of Personal Information

The school collects information about pupils / students and their parents or legal guardians when they go to a new school, they also collect information at other times during the school year. Information is also received from other schools when pupils transfer.

The Local Authority (LA) and Welsh Government (WG) will receive information on pupils / students from the school / educational establishment, normally as part of what is called the Pupil Level Annual Schools Census which takes place in January each year.

The school, LA and Welsh Government receive information about exam and national curriculum assessment and test results.

Personal information held

The sort of personal information that will be held includes:

  • personal details such as name, address, date of birth, contact details for parents and guardians and also pupils photographs
  • information on performance in internal and national assessments and examinations
  • information on the ethnic origin and national identity of pupils (this is used only to prepare summary statistical analyses)
  • details about pupils’ / students’ immigration status (this is used only to prepare summary statistical analyses)
  • medical information needed to keep pupils safe while in the care of the schoo
  • information on attendance and any disciplinary action taken
  • information about the involvement of social services with individual pupils where this is needed for the care of the pupil

Other information

The WG, LA and school will try to ensure that information is accurate and secure. Personal information will not be sent outside the United Kingdom.

The use made of this personal information

The WG uses the information collected to do research, primarily to inform educational policy changes and funding. The research is done in a way that ensures individual pupils cannot be identified. Examples of the sort of statistics produced can be viewed at the Learning Wales Website or the Welsh Government Website.

The LA also uses the personal information collected to do research. It uses the results of the research to make decisions on policy and the funding of schools, to calculate the performance of schools and help them to set targets.

The School may use personal information to contact parents and guardians by mobile phone or email.

The School and LA also uses the information it collects to administer the education it provides to pupils. For example:

  • the provision of educational services to individuals
  • monitoring and reporting on pupils’ / students’ educational progress
  • the provision of welfare, pastoral care, and health services; SEN and transport requirements; exclusions, attendance and nursery data
  • the giving of support and guidance to pupils / students, their parents and legal guardians
  • the organisation of educational events and trips
  • planning and management of the school
  • recording of monetary payments to and from pupils/students and parents/guardians

Organisations who may share personal information

Information held by the School, LA and the WG on pupils / students, their parents or legal guardians may be shared with other organisations when the law allows, for example with:

  • other education and training bodies, including schools, when pupils are applying for courses, training, school transfer or seeking guidance on opportunities
  • bodies doing research for the WG, LA and schools, so long as steps are taken to keep the information secure
  • central and local government for the planning and provision of educational services
  • social services and other health and welfare organisations where there is a need to share information to protect and support individual pupils
  • various regulatory bodies, such as ombudsmen, inspection authorities and Government fraud initiatives, where the law requires that information be passed on so that they can do their work

Regional Education Services

The school and the Local Authority will share information with regional education services for the purposes and benefit of:

  • Maintaining accurate data
  • Delivery of education services – regional and local
  • Provision of statutory, Consortium and Authority returns
  • Analysing and reporting performance of pupils, schools, services, Authorities and the Consortium

Data will be held and shared in an appropriate and secure manner.

For further information refer to the Conwy County Borough Council Website.

Your rights as an individual under the Data Protection Act 1998

The Data Protection Act 1998 gives individuals certain rights in respect of personal information held on them by any organisation. These rights include:

  • the right to ask for and receive copies of the personal information held, although some information can sometimes be legitimately withheld
  • the right, in some circumstances, to prevent the processing of personal information if doing so will cause damage or distress
  • the right to ask for wrong information to be put right
  • the right to seek compensation for damages caused by a breach of the Act
  • In some circumstances a pupil’s parent or legal guardian may have a right to receive a copy of personal data held about a pupil in their legal care. Such cases will be considered on an individual basis where the individual is deemed to have insufficient understanding of their rights under the Act

You also have the right to ask the Information Commissioner, who enforces and oversees the Data Protection Act 1998, to assess whether or not the processing of personal information is likely to comply with the provisions of the Act.

Seeking further information

For further information about the personal information collected and it’s use, if you have concerns about the accuracy of personal information, or wish to exercise your rights under the Data Protection Act 1998, you should contact:

  • your child’s school on 01492 593243
  • your LEA on 01492 575587
  • the Welsh Government data protection officer at, Welsh Government, Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF10 3NQ
  • the Information Commissioner’s office help line can be contacted on 01625 545 745
  • information is also available from the ICO Website

Children in Need Census

This census will only apply to children in need and looked after children.

The Welsh Government collects information on individual children who are looked after by local authorities. The data collection is known as the Wales Children in Need (CIN) Census.

This notice informs children over the age of 12 and their parents/carers, and the parents/carers of children under the age of 12, whose data are included in the Wales census, about the identity of the person who processes the data and uses to which the data will be put.

The data that will be collected will vary with each collection, but will include personal characteristics and the details of services provided to the individuals involved. The name of the child will not be included in the return, but where the child has a Unique Pupil Number (UPN) the UPN will be collected in each return. Collection of the UPN enables the Welsh Government to match pupil level education information held by the Government and add it to the information in the return submitted by local authorities. The Government does not use the child’s name in processing or analysing the information in the returns or the composite data. Neither does the Assembly Government use the identifiable information to take any action in relation to individual children nor are individual children identified in any reports.

A complete list of data items in the Wales CIN Census can be obtained on request from
Health Statistics & Analysis
Welsh Government
Tel (029) 2082 3625
Fax (029) 2082 5350
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Welsh Government will use the data for policy development; in planning and allocating local authority resource; and in developing good practice. As indicated above, the Government will use the data in conjunction with data supplied by schools where that data is relevant to the purposes above.

Data may also be disclosed to other agencies/researchers for statistical or research purposes only. In all these cases data items which could identify individuals will be removed. Any such disclosures will be approved and controlled by the Welsh Government’s Chief Statistician. Other disclosures may be made as required by law.

All data will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and all individuals have the right to access the data held about them.

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