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Important Notices

Wednesday, 13 September 2017 09:30

Measles: what you need to know...

Following a large outbreak of measles in Europe and a smaller local outbreak in Newport and Torfaen we are urgently raising awareness of the importance of vaccination against measles in young people. It’s important that staff, students and children returning to school after the summer break are up to date with two doses of MMR vaccine.

Thursday, 20 July 2017 00:00

Reorganisation of the pastoral system

I would like to draw your attention to a reorganisation of the pastoral system that will be implemented with the new timetable from 1st September 2017.

Over the last few years pastoral support for all our students has been provided through the house system and you have been invited to contact the relevant Head of House or the relevant House Mentor with any pastoral concerns. From 1st September 2017 responsibilities for these aspects will remain unchanged, but will be organized and managed through a year based system instead of a house based system.

The role of the Heads of Year and their associated Mentors will remain the same as the current Heads of House and the House Mentors, but they will work with all students in a year group rather than students from a house. Accordingly, if you wish to raise any concerns or issues in relation to your child’s life here at Ysgol Aberconwy, you should use the contacts below :

Year Group

Head of Year


Year 7

Mrs. Sian Jones

Mrs. Beth Young

Year 8

Mrs. Jenny Ohlsson

Mrs. Nicola Rowlands

Year 9

Miss. Janette Hughes

Mrs. Liz Royle

Year 10

Miss. Clare Freeman

Mrs. Emma Edwards

Year 11

Ms. Rebecca Hughes

Mrs. Bethan Wigzell

Sixth Form

Mr. Andrew Umpleby

Mrs. Heather Yale

The house system will remain in place at the school and students will continue to benefit from the running of charity days, competitions and other events, which have been such a significant part of the life of the school since their inception, but students themselves will take responsibility for the running of these events under the watchful eyes of a ‘House Coordinator’.  Aspects of the uniform related to students’ house colour will remain unchanged.

We believe that these changes will make it easier for you to get in touch with us if you need to speak to someone about your child, and will help us to give all our students the appropriate support they need during their time with us.

I would also take the opportunity to thank Mrs. M. Pritchard and Mr. A. Wilkinson on your behalf for their significant contribution to the school’s pastoral systems over recent years and place on record our thanks for all their hard work and dedication to the students’ development.

Yours faithfully,

Ian Gerrard


The Welsh Government have produced a short animated guide to talk you through the National Reading and Numeracy Test reports. Please click the link below

National Reading and Numeracy Tests 2017