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Ysgol Aberconwy celebrates GCSE achievements

24 August 2017

Students at Ysgol Aberconwy celebrated their GCSE achievements this year.

They were joined by BBC Radio Wales who visited the school to share in students’ success and experience the live reactions and expressions of students discovering their grades.

Ruth Dean stated, “I was so nervous about receiving my results and to find out my grades just before going live on national radio was scary, but once I knew what I’d achieved (10 A* and 1 A) I was over the moon! In September, I’ll be returning to Ysgol Aberconwy Sixth Form where I’ll be starting my A Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Welsh Baccalaureate.

Ruth wasn’t the only one pleased with her results, as she was one of a group of exceptional students celebrating their grades: Mim Allardice (7 A* and 4 A), Rhys Bailey (1 A*, 4 A and 5 B), Nicole Coulson (1 A*, 7 A and 2 B), Lana Flood (2 A*, 7 A and 1 B), Nathan Purchase (7 A, 3 B and 1 C) and Jaxon Webb-Dunn (3 A*, 4 A and 4 B).

Headteacher Ian Gerrard was delighted with the levels of success and stated, “This is a big day for our students, many of whom will be glad the wait is over as they can now see the results of their hard work and determination. As a school we’re proud of all our students and their achievements, and we’d like to say congratulations to each and every student who received their grades today.”

Ysgol Aberconwy is looking forward to welcoming students back into the school’s sixth form in September.