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Welsh Baccalaureate students support local community and assist Year 6 pupils in taking the next step up from primary school

14 July 2017

Throughout the year our Year 10 Welsh Baccalaureate students have been busy working towards their 10 hours of voluntary activities.

The main activities they’ve been involved in have ranged from developing the school garden and pond area, to planting trees, and painting, cleaning and enhancing changing rooms at a local football club.

This week they’ve also helped the school welcome local Year 6 pupils during our transition week, as these pupils will be starting with us in September.

Through our transition week we aim to make the process as smooth as possible for Year 6 pupils, so they feel welcome and supported, as its daunting moving from primary school up to secondary school.

Our Year 10 students supported pupils getting to know teachers and staff at the school and more importantly finding their way around the buildings.

We’d like to say thank you to all our Year 10 Welsh Baccalaureate students.