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Lorenzo Cutts at Shepperton - Picture © Anna White

Lorenzo proves hard work and dedication are key to success…

23 June 2017

Lorenzo Cutts, Year 12 at Ysgol Aberconwy, is not only studying for his AS levels, he also spends time each week training in the Snowdonia Slalom Eryri Club.

Lorenzo first started kayak lessons at a local swimming pool four years ago. After two years kayaking he joined the slalom club and soon progressed to canoe slalom in open waters.

After talking to him about his experiences, he admitted the first time he went out into real water conditions was really scary, but he explained “that’s the best way to build up your experience, especially in learning to get out of a ‘capsize’.”

He first started in division four in the UK and has progressed over the last couple of years into division one. But that wasn’t down to luck, he’s spent many hours each week, during the competition season (March – October) practising physically for fitness and strength, whilst also mentally walking through each course, so his plan is in place for each race. Outside of the competition season (November – February) he increases his training hours and puts himself through a tough schedule, to ensure he’s ready for the upcoming competitions, which take place across the UK.

Lorenzo explains, “When it’s race day you’re filled with so many emotions. Before the race starts you do feel really nervous however, once the race is underway you get the thrill of adrenaline running through your body. When I‘ve had a good ‘run’ the sense of achievement is amazing and makes you want to do it all over again. If my times are slower than I had hoped for, I focus harder on training for the next race!”

Not only is he succeeding in his passion for Canoe Slalom, he’s achieving fantastic results in the classroom too, which only goes to show through hard work and dedication you can achieve anything.

Lorenzo is almost half way through this season, he only needs three wins or 4,750 points from five races to place him in the Premier Division for the UK, watch this space…