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Albie Armitage 7LLC & Thomas Taylor 7LLC

Ysgol Aberconwy students experience the maritime life…

14 June 2017

On Friday 9th June a group of Ysgol Aberconwy students from Years 7, 8 and 9 attended the All Wales Boat Show, which took place at Conwy Marina, next to the school. The show is in its third year and is a celebratory festival of all water-based activities, which is unique to the region.

Students from the first language groups spent the day with staff from the Urdd, communicating through the medium of Welsh. They also got the chance to dip their toes in the water, which gave people visiting the marina something to smile about. With students letting out screams as their  canoe wobbled on the water, to another group of students going around in circles, in the wrong direction on their raft, they were quick to realise they all had to communicate and work together to head in the direction they were meant to.

Overall the children had an enjoyable day and as Jayden Parry, 7HC, stated “We’re lucky to have opportunities like these near our school. We’ve learnt lots about team work, whilst having fun at the same time.”

Many thanks to members of staff from the Urdd, Conwy Marina and the organisers of the All Wales Boat Show, for involving our students in such a prestigious event in the area.