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Performing and Creative Arts GCSE

Do you love and enjoy music?

Do you love and enjoy singing?

Or is acting your thing?

Maybe Dancing is your passion?

Maybe you don’t want to be on stage but want to work behind the scenes? In lighting, sound design, make up, costume? Maybe you would love to work in Set Design?

If any of the above apply to you consider choosing Performing and Creative arts as your option!

Our flexible course (Btec or GCSE) allows you to learn as a group and experience all of the creative arts and also to specialise in the area which interests you most!

Our course is nearly all coursework with no formal written exam and would appeal to anyone with an interest who prefers a more practical way of learning. Our course also has input from a number of different teachers and tutors specialising in music, dance and drama. We also ensure you will have lots of opportunities to work with visiting professionals and attend some outside visits.

BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Contemporary Music

If you enjoy listening to, and performing music, and if you enjoy dabbling in music production then this course is definitely for you.

The course is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge to succeed in music. There will be opportunities to participate in live performances throughout the year where you will gain the practical knowledge and skills to become an excellent musician. You will also be given the opportunity to provide technical support in-house at external events, provide live music for a number of productions (including Musicals) and have the chance to organise your own music-based event.

The big advantage of studying Music at Level 3 on this course is that you will gain the equivalent of two A-levels in the two years – one per year! Are you ready for the challenge?

Units include:
Ÿ Major music project – Creating an Event
Ÿ Music and society – What is the point of music?
Ÿ Planning a music project - The process of the event planning
Ÿ The sound and music industry – How does the industry work?
Ÿ Music production techniques – Producing music and recordings
Ÿ Contemporary songwriting techniques – Writing and producing contemporary songs
Ÿ Improvising music – Making up music on the spot
Ÿ Music performance techniques – Improving your performance as a musician
Ÿ Solo music performance skills – Creating a performance
Ÿ Pop music in practice – Performing popular music
Ÿ Special subject investigation – An investigation into a musical topic of your choice
Ÿ Marketing and promotion in the music industry – How does this work?