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On this course, you will develop your understanding of the modern media. You will study a wide range of media: film, radio, television and print. This course combines analysis of key media texts with the creative production of media texts.

Unit 1: Individual Portfolio - This unit involves the exploration of the key concept of representation. You will consider the way, for example, gender, age and ethnicity are represented in such media as documentary, soap operas and advertising. It also offers the opportunity to demonstrate understanding through a production exercise.

Unit 2: Textual and Moving Image Analysis - In Section A you will study Action Adventure films. In the examination, you will analyse a 3 to 5 minute clip. In Section B, you will study Television Comedy and make a detailed case study of two comedy programmes screened on British television.

Unit 3: Production Portfolio - In this unit you will research, plan and produce your own product. You can choose from a wide range of briefs: creating the opening of a film, making a music video, producing a magazine, designing the box of a computer game - to name just some of the options.

By the end of the course, you will have developed your skills in:

  • Analysis
  • Group work
  • Information Communication Technology


For more information regarding this course, please see our KS4 information booklet here.