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GCSE History

What will I study on the course?

Unit 1: A Study in Depth – Depression, War and Recovery 1930 -1951. This unit is a study of the rise to power of Adolf Hitler and what it was like to live in Germany under the Nazi regime.
The unit also examines the consequences of the Second World War for Germany. 25% of qualification. 1 hour exam
Unit 2: A Study in Depth -- Depression, War and recovery. Germany in Transition 1919 -1939. 1 hour exam 25% of qualification
Unit 3: A Thematic Study – Changes in crime and punishment, 1500 to the present day
This unit is a study of the events and personalities which have shaped the causes of crime, policing and the changing methods used to combat crime and the changing methods of punishment. 30% of qualification 1 hour 15min
Unit 4: An investigation into an issue of historical debate or controversy. This will account for 20% of the final GCSE grade.

How will I learn?

  • You will join other students to receive 5 hours of tuition with an experienced teacher of History and to participate in various group activities.
  • You will use a variety of sources of information including books, DVDs, power point presentations and the internet.
  • You will learn by asking questions and making notes, mind maps and diagrams for reference when you revise.
  • Once the course gets underway you will have about 1 piece of work per week, usually an investigation using a variety of different sources.

A Level History

Unit 1 - Europe in an age of conflict and co-operation 1890-1991 Course taught by Mr G Roche (20%)
This course will provide an opportunity for students to study aspects of the history of Europe in an age of conflict and co-operation. Students will be able to consider how Europe has changed and developed over a broader timescale, and be able to demonstrate their understanding by making links and comparisons between different aspects of the period studied. Students will eventually be able to analyse and explain the causes and consequences of historical events and
situations, and evaluate and reach substantiated judgements regarding the significance of individuals, groups, events, developments and ideas across this period. This unit will be assessed with a 1 hour 45 minute examination in which the students will be required to complete two essays each of which will be worth 30 marks.

Unit 2 - Rebellion and Republic, c. 1625-1660. The pressure on the Monarchy and the drift to Civil War 1625-1642. Course taught by Mr A Hesketh. (20%)

At AS level students study the years 1625-1642, a vital period in British history when the issues of whether we should be a monarchy or a democracy were at their height and which saw a nation pushed to the brink of civil war. At A2 the
consequences of this argument – Civil war, the execution of a King and the setting up of a republic – will be studied. This unit will be assessed with a 1 hour 45 minute examination, with the students being required to answer two essay style questions.

Year 13

Unit 3: The American Century 1890-1990. Taught by Mr G Roche (Breadth Study) 20%

This breadth study will give students the opportunity to study 100 years of American history, with particular emphasis being paid to significant turning points over the 100 year period. Theme one of this unit will focus on the Civil Rights Movement in America, beginning with the events that unfold immediately after the American Civil War. Theme one of this unit will then move through Twentieth Century America examining the key moments in the fight for improved Civil Rights for the African American people over the 100 year period.

Theme two will focus on America as a superpower, so this unit will examine those issues concerned with American foreign policy over a 100 year period, examining closely how America has become the superpower that it now is today.

This breadth study will be assessed by an examination lasting 1 hour and 45 minutes, and students will need to answer two essay style questions, showing through their writing their understanding of historical concepts and skills.

Unit 4: Civil War, Commonwealth and the Protectorate 1642-1660. Taught by Mr A Hesketh. (20%)

This Unit will build upon the work already completed in Unit 2 in Year 12, and is therefore the second half of the depth study that was studied in Unit 2. In Year 13 students will study the events surrounding the English Civil War, the Trial and eventual execution of King Charles 1st and then finally examine the reasons for the establishment of a Republic. Students in Unit 4 will continue to analyse and evaluate different ways in which aspects of the past have been interpreted in different ways, whilst trying to reach their own substantiated conclusions. Unit 4 will be assessed with a 1 hour 45 minute examination in which the students will complete two essays, with each one taking 50 minutes.

Unit 5: Coursework (NEA) American Civil Rights (20%) Taught by Mr G Roche.

The coursework aspect of this A Level course will focus on the Civil Rights Movement in America, and in particular students are asked to assess the role of Martin Luther King within the movement. The coursework will be a maximum of 4,000 words, and will include 6-8 sources, which will be a mixture of both primary and contemporary sources which the students will find themselves. Unit 5 will take place as the students continue to study the breadth Unit, Units 3, and complete the second half of their depth study which is Unit 4.

For more information please view the prospectus here.