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GCSE Performing Arts/Creative Arts

Do you love and enjoy music?

Do you love and enjoy singing?

Or is acting your thing?

Maybe Dancing is your passion?

Maybe you don’t want to be on stage but want to work behind the scenes? In lighting, sound design, make up, costume? Maybe you would love to work in Set Design?

If any of the above apply to you consider choosing Performing and Creative arts as your option!

Our flexible course (Btec or GCSE) allows you to learn as a group and experience all of the creative arts and also to specialise in the area which interests you most!

Our course is nearly all coursework with no formal written exam and would appeal to anyone with an interest who prefers a more practical way of learning. Our course also has input from a number of different teachers and tutors specialising in music, dance and drama. We also ensure you will have lots of opportunities to work with visiting professionals and attend some outside visits.

A Level Drama and Theatre Studies

On this course you can explore a wide range of plays and theatrical traditions, including contemporary drama, musicals, experimental physical theatre and dance as well as Classical Greek theatre and Shakespeare. You will also go on regular theatre trips and have the opportunity to work with professional actors, dancers and singers.

AS Level
In Year 12 you will explore two plays.

The first will be written by an important drama practitioner and you will study their approach to Drama through a series of practical workshops. You will then have the opportunity of focusing on one section of their play and of re-imaging it through a performance for a modern audience. You will produce a creative log and an evaluation.

The second play will be selected from the following list:

Medea, Euripides
The Comedy of Errors, William Shakespeare
An Enemy of the People, Henrik Ibsen
Ubu Roi, Alfred Jarry
A View from the Bridge, Arthur Miller
The Woman made of Flowers, Saunders Lewis.

A2 Level

In Year 13 you will participate in the creation, development and performance of two pieces of theatre based on a stimulus.

You will also study two plays chosen from the following list:

A Day in the Death of Joe Egg, Peter Nichols
Sweeney Todd, Stephen Sondheim
The Absence of War, David Hare
Mametz, Owen Sheers
The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning, Tim Price
One Moonlit Night, Caradog Prichard, adapted by Bara Caws.

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