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Thursday, 22 March 2018 11:33

Summer 2018 Examinations

Your son’s / daughter’s examinations commence in the first few weeks after the Easter holidays.  These will continue up to and beyond the Whitsun holidays (26th May – 3rd June).  In order to clarify proceedings for your child we would like to share the arrangements regarding attendance.

Firstly, all pupils in Year 11 are expected to attend school up to and including Friday 8th June.  After the morning examinations on this date there will be a ‘brunch’ in the canteen, in order to allow pupils one final opportunity to meet with their friends and form tutors.  At midday anybody not taking an examination in the afternoon will be allowed to leave school.  Consequently, you may decide to pick up your child or allow them to make their own way home.

For any subsequent examinations after 8th June pupils are expected to arrive at school in full uniform for morning examinations or arrive at lunch time for afternoon sessions.  Once an examination has been completed pupils have the opportunity to leave school if they so wish.  School transport is available at the normal times and anybody who leaves outside these times is no longer the responsibility of the school.

We hope that the above arrangements allow greater flexibility to suit Year 11 and enable your son / daughter to maximize his / her potential.

Mr Dave Young

Assistant Headteacher  

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