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Exam Revision Ideas and News

Exam tips and tricks!

Here you will find some information on how to help plan your revision sessions. There are links to power points & other materials attached and you will also find downloadable versions of the Exam Timetables.

Click on the tabs below for some different ideas and events coming up - and check back here regularly to see what else has been added.



On Wednesday 5th April ‘Learning performance’ will be working with Y11 to help them develop effective revision skills in readiness for the run up to exams. After school (at 3.30pm) they will be running a session for parents so that you will be able to support your children revising at home and dealing with the pressures of exams. All parents are welcome.

Learning Performance Training began back in 1992 when Heather and Roger Starbuck wanted to make learning easier for their children. Cleverly combining scientific evidence on how the brain learns and their experience as teachers, they designed innovative study skills and learning strategies that use the brain’s power of imagination and creativity.

Back then they started with a simple aim, to inspire a love of learning and create a generation of confident and successful individuals. Over twenty years later this continues to be Learning Performance’s mission.

Now Learning Performance is the UK’s largest study skills company visiting over 1000 schools across the UK and Europe, reaching some 200,000 young people, every year.

It is still a family – run business with daughter Carrie Starbuck, a former teacher, as Managing Director. All this means we provide an experienced, knowledgeable, personalised service with education and young people at its heart.


If you want to see what students thought of last year's day - a summary of their evaluations can be found by clicking here.

During the Easter Holidays we will be holding revision sessions for students.  The details of the times and dates are below - students will be told which sessions will be particular useful to them by their teachers.

Each morning session will begin at 9.30 and finish at 12pm. Each afternoon session will begin at 12.30 and finish at 3pm. Pupils should make their own arrangements for Lunch if they are in for a full day.

  • Monday 17th April

     Bank Holiday - school closed 
  • Tuesday 18th April

    Year 11 Biology (am) RM 

    Year 11 Chemistry (pm) GC

    Year 13 German (am) JM 

  • Wednesday 19th April

    Year 11 Physics (am) AJ 

    Year 11 History (pm) GPR

    Year 11 PE (All day) CB

    Year 13 German (am) JM

    Year 13 Welsh (am) SW

    Year 12 Welsh (pm) EW

    Year 13 WBQ (am) PW 

  • Thursday 20th April

    Year 11 Maths (all day) LJS / IG

    Year 11 Graphics / Resistant Materials (All day) TD

    Year 11 Business Studies (am) GFO

    Year 12/13 Business Studies (pm) GFO

    Year 12 French (10-3) NW 

  • Friday 21st April


    Year 12 Maths (All day) LJS

    Years 11,12,13 Media, Film, Drama (All day) RGB 

Access to the Maths App - an excellent revision resource for Maths GCSE - can be found here.

A collection of revision video clips - accessible through QR codes - can be found here.

A collection of homework based on skills but also include stretch activities : http://prethomework.weebly.com/

A collection of videos, help files, worksheets and home of 5 a day. Print out the weekly tasks and have a go : https://corbettmaths.com/

Numeracy Ninjas is a free Key Stage 3 numeracy intervention designed to fill gaps in students’ basic mental calculation strategies : http://www.numeracyninjas.org/

Snappy Maths has been developed to provide free worksheets, interactive activities and other resources to help with the teaching and learning of mathematics facts and skills : http://www.snappymaths.com/

This site has all the old type SATs papers and mental tests which are excellent for practice : http://www.emaths.co.uk/

These are some excellent take-away tasks : http://www.mathedup.co.uk/

A scheme of functional units that both challenge and engage pupils in FUN-ctional Skills. The tasks are open ended and can be adapted : http://www.functionalmathematics.co.uk/

Don’t forget our subscription packages.




Open the presentation below for a few revision ideas to get you started. 

Revision Help PowerPoint

How to design your revision timetable


> Tuesday 1st November is a whole day of Maths revision the day before the first Maths GCSE paper.

> Wednesday 2nd November is the Maths Numeracy GCSE exam (1).

> Thursday 3rd November is a whole day of Maths revision the day before the second Maths GCSE paper.

> Friday 4th November is the second Maths Numeracy GCSE exam (2).


> Mock exam week 1 is Monday 28th November – Friday 2nd December.


> Early January Maths GCSE results in school.

> January GCSE exams start in some subjects 16th January – 20th January.

MARCH 2017

> Friday 10th March Year 11 Options choices for pupils wishing to progress into the sixth form.

> Mock exam week 2 is Monday 13th March – Friday 17th March.

APRIL 2017

> Monday 3rd April is Year 11 Welsh Baccalaureate Project day.

> Wednesday 5th April all Year 11 will work with a company called Learning Performance to focus on revision techniques.

MAY 2017

> Monday 8th May – Monday 26th June is the main GCSE exam period.